Guide on the 5 Best Thailand Beach Destinations

Thailand is one of the top destinations for beach vacationers arounf the world. It has beaches on the mainland as well as on the islands. You can find developed and quiet beaches with peaceful surroundings in Thailand. The following is an overview of the 5 best Thailand beach vacations destinations.

Koh Lanta - Guide on the 5 Best Thailand Beach Destinations

1. Klong Dao
Klong Dao is the longest beach on Koh Lanta, Thailand. It offers plenty of spaces to run around and do other activities like building sand castles. Klong Dao offers a mix of high end resorts, boutique hotels and huts. Although it has a lot of resorts around, it is quiet most of the time as it does not have many visitors. During strolling, you can encounter sea cucumbers, and sand crabs. There are plenty of trees that offer a nice backdrop. Visitors can sip on beverage while sitting on the cushions to watch the sunset.

Koh Nang Yuan - Guide on the 5 Best Thailand Beach Destinations

2. Koh Nang Yuan
Koh Nang Yuan is the beach located in front of Koh Nang Yuan Island Dive Resort on Koh Tao. The beach is crowded with hundreds of tourists every day. To access the beach, visitors must pay an entrance fee. The cheapest way to reach Koh Nang Yuan is by taking a ride in the long tail boat. If you don’t want to spend the night on the island, you must inform the boat man so that he will wait for you. There is a view point where you can hike and get a view of the ocean. The water surrounding Koh Nang Yuan is clean and good for snorkeling.

Koh Phi Phi - Guide on the 5 Best Thailand Beach Destinations

3. Laem Tong Beach
Laem Tong Beach is a beach on the northeastern side of Koh Phi Phi Don. It has a quiet atmosphere and is the perfect place to enjoy soothing waves sound. Nearby, there is a village that is founded by sea gypsies. If you are a hotel guest, you can rent the chairs from the hotel. Tourists can laze in the hammocks tied to the coconut palm trees. They offer a variety of water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, cooking, and volleyballs. There are 2 dive centers that offer diving trip packages. Visitors can take a 30 minutes stroll on the path from Laem Tong Beach to Loh Banga Bay.

Koh Chang - Guide on the 5 Best Thailand Beach Destinations

4. White Sand Beach
White Sand Beach is a 3 km long beach with rocky headlands in Koh Chang. It consists of two beaches in the northern and southern section. It is a nice beach with lots of trees to get shades. There are lots of mid-range hotels for budget travelers near White Sand Beach. The beach offers plenty of spaces for tourists who want to bask in the sun. There are plenty of sun chairs available for hire at a cheap rate. The water has no rock so you don’t have to wear shoes when wading around.

Koh Phayam - Guide on the 5 Best Thailand Beach Destinations

5. Ao Khao Kwai
Ao Khao Kwai, also known as Buffalo Bay, is an unspoiled beach surrounded by hills in Koh Phayam. You won’t find any vendor as it isn’t a busy place. The quiet atmosphere allows you to relax in privacy. There are some rocks scattered in different areas along the shore. While relaxing on the beach, you can also watch horn bills. There are lots of hammocks where you can rest on for free. The water at Ao Khao Kwai is clean and suitable for swimming.

You can opt for Thailand beach vacations in the coming days.

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