Ein Insider Einblick in Indiens Kulturerbe

Vom nördlichsten Punkt bis zum äußersten Süden ist Indien mit göttlichen natürlichen und vom Menschen geschaffenen Kreationen ausgestattet, die mit ihrer faszinierenden Schönheit und Gelassenheit die Aufmerksamkeit der Welt auf sich gezogen haben. Es wäre unangemessen, es als Ausrede zu bezeichnen, eher als zwingenden Grund, Indien mit einem indischen Visum indien zu besuchen und zu sehen, wie diese magischen Orte ihre Geheimnisse vor Ihnen enträtseln. Im Folgenden sind einige der großartigen Orte aufgelistet, die Bewunderung erwecken.

Ein Insider Einblick in Indiens Kulturerbe - Ein Insider Einblick in Indiens Kulturerbe

Sonnentempel, Konark: Der im indischen Bundesstaat Odisha gelegene Konark Sonnentempel ist eines der beliebtesten Touristenziele. An der Küste des Golfs von Bengalen gelegen, wurde dieser Tempel in der Form eines Chariot von Surya, dem Sonnengott mit 24 Rädern, gebaut. Die symbolischen Steingravuren, die von sechs Pferden angeführt werden, täuschen vor, als wären wir in die mythische Zeit zurückgekehrt. Dazu kommt noch eine fesselnde Geschichte über die Entstehung dieses Tempels. Es heißt, der einstige König habe mit dem Bau des Tempels zwölfhundert Arbeiter beschäftigt. Als der Tempel fertig war, wurden den Arbeitern die Hände abgehackt und zwar aus dem berüchtigten Grund, diese Arbeiter nie wieder mit solch einer Finesse ein Denkmal bauen zu lassen. Diese Geschichte liegt der wunderbare Architektur dieses Tempels zugrunde. Continue reading “Ein Insider Einblick in Indiens Kulturerbe”

Vancouver as Canada’s Top Culinary Destination

For those living outside Canada’s west coast, Vancouver sounds like a fantasy land. There is sun, surf, mountains, and of course, food! In addition to being a cultural hotspot, Vancouver is Canada’s top destination for exciting culinary experiences.

Vancouver - Vancouver as Canada’s Top Culinary Destination

The west coast is known for embracing creativity and bending the rules inside the kitchen. Taking this wild-child attitude, combined with diverse cultural influences, makes for a thriving culinary scene. In the past, travel trends might have centred around history or night life but now, food is topping the charts. Popular travel sites have even begun to consider culinary trends in their recommendations to travellers. So, what is it that makes the food scene in Vancouver so great? Continue reading “Vancouver as Canada’s Top Culinary Destination”

Travel Guide: Best Things To Do In Towson MD

Towson, MD is home to over 50,000 residents that boasts a mixed feel of a small town with a vibrant college town life. The town is just two short miles away from the bustling city of Baltimore, but it has retained its small-town charm that attracts many visitors every year. Thanks to the family-friendly atmosphere of Towson, the Towson University is a top choice for many parents and their children.

Hamilton Mansion Towson Maryland - Travel Guide: Best Things To Do In Towson MD

However, before finally deciding to study in Towson it is must to take a tour around town. Here’s a list of must do and experience activities that will help visitors grasp the true essence of Towson: Continue reading “Travel Guide: Best Things To Do In Towson MD”

4 Unexplored Hill Stations near Delhi within 5 Hour Drive

Talking about the hill stations in India, you will need a lifetime to explore all of the phenomenal scenic landscapes. Yes, the count goes over 80! However, if you are a Delhiite or often visit the capital city, there’s a chance you can have plenty of them covered over some travel expeditions. There are several hill stations spread around the city within a range of 400-500 kilometers. Getting bored on weekends? Escape to any of the beautiful hill stations near Delhi within 5 hours drive. After all, the week-offs are all yours!

Badri Mountain - 4 Unexplored Hill Stations near Delhi within 5 Hour Drive

Don’t worry as we have got your back with our top picks of the hill stations near Delhi. Continue reading “4 Unexplored Hill Stations near Delhi within 5 Hour Drive”

A Fabulous Options for Croatia Travel for You

Croatia is a very small country, but surprisingly clean, downright crystal. Crystal air, crystal sea, crystal water. By the way, in this country there is no such thing as technical water. All the water here is drinking. Therefore, you can safely drink water from the tap, it is as tasty as if you drink it from a mountain spring. It’s not for nothing that Croatia is considered one of the most ecologically clean countries.

Dubrovnik Croatia - A Fabulous Options for Croatia Travel for You

Therefore, those who want to cleanse the body and even the soul (especially the inhabitants of industrial areas) all here. Choose a place of rest to your taste – there are sandy, pebbly, concrete beaches. It all depends on the desired degree of comfort. And the pines growing on the shore will not let you “burn out” in the sun. Personally, we rested in a campsite located in an olive grove near the seashore. Frankly, double pleasure. By the way, the Adriatic Sea is a paradise for divers, so in this section you can safely put a “plus sign”. Continue reading “A Fabulous Options for Croatia Travel for You”