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How To Camp Luxuriously

Camping in a glamorous way, or glamping, has dominated the internet and has sparked the interest of many people thanks to social media platforms like Pinterest. Glamping is almost synonymous to luxury camping. Basically, glamping is camping without all of the hard work of setting up the tent and finding food. It bonding with Mother Nature in comfort and style.


There is just one problem though: sometimes glamping sites are too expensive to afford. Thankfully, you can have your very own glamping at the back of your own yard! Here are some tips on you can turn your next camping into glamping: More »

Discover the best honeymoon destinations in Europe

Are you in search of super romantic destination for the ultimate honeymoon? We all know that the wedding is the beginning of a married couple new life together. Therefore, it is better to plan your honeymoon if you really want to create romantic memories to last a lifetime. Just check out these mesmerizing places for your honeymoon.


Go to Corfu

Corfu is all about romantic getaways for couples. Besides, in the event you want to escape from the hustle, you can spend your honeymoon with your partner on the island of Corfu. If you enjoy a relaxed beach lifestyle, then this Island is the best honeymoon destination. You can take a romantic walk along one of the beaches there, including Glyfada Beach. More »

Best outdoor activities in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the world’s happiest countries to getting outdoors to the best parks, trails and many more. You will uncover beautiful parks, bountiful views, and you can immerse yourself in Switzerland’s wilderness. If you want to enjoy anything remotely resembling an outdoor experience, Switzerland offers plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors.

Alpine Mountains Switzerland

Enjoy the hiking trails in Switzerland

In the event you love hiking, there are over 65,000km of marked trails in Switzerland. These include the famous Jungfrau and Zermatt regions. Climb up from Lake Geneva with your friends or with your beloved one. Venture from Lucerne through the Swiss Alps. Cycle the Heart Route and you will end up in Romont. Beginners and families can tackle flat trails or try rougher paths as well. Besides, there are hundreds of bike shops there where people can rent bikes and e-bikes. More »

Roadtrip Travel Hacks: The Do’s and Don’ts

The thing about adventures is that they’re meant to be fun but not at the expense of safety – which is oftentimes overlooked. Some people tend to focus on making the trip more fun and while that isn’t a bad thing, you can’t go wrong with making it safer and easier.


Here are some things you must remember when planning for a ride of a lifetime: More »

9 Contemporary Monuments around the World to Inspire Creativity

The following list contains 9 spot-on contemporary monuments around the world that just boosts creativity in one’s mind.


Jerusalem: Dome of the Rock

Caliph Abd al-Makik created the gorgeous octagonal building in Jerusalem. It was created during the years of 687 until 691 but was finalized around 1561. The Dome of the Rock signified as an inspirational artistic endeavor for over a millennium. The colors of the dome are certainly mesmerizing to look at. More »

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