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Uncover the best attractions of the Parc Phoenix in Nice

The Phoenix Park is situated on the east side of the « Promenade des Anglais ». You can enjoy its beauty by going there. Likewise, there is a lot to see in. It is even open to everyone for all ages. As a matter of fact, this Park is about 7 hectares of land with plenty of highlights. It is home one of the biggest greenhouse all over the world. All the attractions found there are presented below that will be sure to pique your interest.

Shelduck in Phoenix Park

Visit the Lake at this park

You know, there is a lot for everyone to look at there. In point of fact, there lots of different water birds there. If you want to enjoy outdoors, this place is the best one for you. When you are there, you will probably come across different animal enclosures. You will find shiny creatures that run along the pool’s edge. You can find numerous birds. As a case in point, you can discover shelduck, mallard, Canada geese, black swans, mandarin ducks, white pelicans, and so on and so forth. More »

Activities to do at one of the amusement and leisure parks in Burgundy

Do you want to have more fun and less stress? Or your children want to play? You can head to Burgundy. If you are planning to find leisure and activities or just a place to unwind, hereafter you can find them. In the event you will visit one of the theme parks below, you will get a great day out.



This amusement park is located in the heart of the Côte Chalonnaise, near the Voie Verte. If you are looking for something different in terms of activities, you should go there. Visitors can enjoy obstacle and climbing courses, given the fact it offers 24 tree-based obstacle courses. Besides, if you are looking for athletic challenges, this park would be the best one. There are also over 200 aerial games for children. And larger families can have a picnic and eat snacks there. More »

Let’s go out! Beautiful places outside Metro Cebu

If you live in a luxury condominium in Cebu, you might probably want to go somewhere new instead of the usual beautiful sites in the city, correct? Take time to go out by checking these alluring places outside Metro Cebu to unwind and feel serene as you visit these beautiful locations. Warning: it’s going to be costly!

Oslob waterfall


Going somewhere with a peaceful and gorgeous view of waterfalls will surely bring peace to your soul. Seeing a sight like this for a while brings a lot of beautiful feelings to anyone. So check out these locations you might want to go to. Take note that you will have to do a short trek before seeing these amazing falls. Just visit Samboan, Ginatilan, Oslob, and Badian for a waterfall adventure trip. More »

Meeting the mountain gorillas: a truly unforgettable trip

If you were one of the many people overwhelmed by David Attenborough’s 1979 encounter with mountain gorillas in Rwanda, you will understand what makes so many people long to meet these wonderful creatures. Mountain gorillas may look fearsome and dangerous on account of their size but they are, in fact, very gentle, intelligent and usually quite relaxed.

Mountain gorilla

Where to see mountain gorillas

You can take a mountain gorilla trekking holiday in Rwanda or Uganda. All Africa reports that Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, one of the few places to see mountain gorillas, is among the World Heritage Sites that are threatened by climate change. There are fears that rising temperatures will cause the loss of mountain rain forest and that as much as 75% of the gorillas’ current habitat could be lost. More »

Best Coastal and Aquatic Experiences of Australia

Australia is loved worldwide by the travellers as it offers plenty of opportunities to watch iconic landmarks and many airlines offer cheap flights to Australia. However, if you are searching for something exciting then explore coastal areas and aquatic activities which are abundant in Australia. This country has a vast coastline of around 50,000 kilometers with countless fabulous beautiful beaches and aquatic destinations to explore. We have compiled a list of coastal and aquatic experiences you should not miss when you are visiting Australia:

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach

Enjoy the warm, turquoise colored water with splendid white sand at this beach. With all the hues and serenity it offers to its visitors, Whitehaven Beach surely does justice to its name. This beach has been voted as one of the top eco-friendly beaches of the world. Take a view of Whitehaven Beach from above through a helicopter or a seaplane. Or simply relax on the beach or a take a dip in the water. You can watch turtles, dolphins and other marine life wandering in the shallow water.  More »

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