10 Australian Places You Need To Visit!

Australia is full of absolutely amazing places, all of which we recommend you go to visit. We thoroughly recommend taking a trip around the whole of Australia and sinking your teeth into the amazing sights, scenes, and culture.

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However, we couldn’t possibly list every single one of those things here. Instead, we’re going to tell you our top 10 Australian places we think you should visit. Read on to learn more!

1. The Great Ocean Road

The great ocean road is probably one of the most beautiful drives in the whole world. It lasts for around 150 miles, but all you need to do is take one day to view the tremendous views of the cliffs, oceans, and rainforests. You can even take a rest stop for a swim in the ocean!  Simply sort out your Melbourne airport parking once you arrive and you can begin to enjoy all Victoria has to offer!


2. The Grampians National Park

This great park is the host to many hikes and is one of the most interesting rock art sites in south-eastern Australia. A truly stunning place you’ll be glad you made the time to visit!


3. Sydney

Sydney is an iconic feature of Australia, no matter what other Australian’s will try to tell you. There are the obvious attractions there like Harbour bridge, the opera house, and lots of beaches, but there is a plethora of other things to do there!


4. Byron Bay

Byron Bay is so popular that even Australian’s holiday there. Make sure you watch the lighthouse at sunset, and attend one of the music festivals to get a real taste of the culture here.


5. Fraser Island

Fraser island is the largest sand island in the whole world. Fresh water lakes, rare flora and fauna, and rainforests are all around here, so take your time to explore.


6. The Great Barrier Reef

Everybody has heard of the great barrier reef, and it isn’t hard to see why. You’ll find many rare and endangered animal species here, with plenty of stunning views and the opportunity to scuba dive.


7. Daintree Rainforest

This is Australia’s largest rainforest, perfect for those who want to explore a natural wonderland full of butterflies, frogs, reptiles, and birds. You can even go on a crocodile boat tour!


8. Kakadu National Park

This is a world heritage UNESCO site, home to stunning flowers, animals, and plants, but also home to 5000 rock painting sites courtesy of it’s traditional landowners.


9. Uluru

Some would say that Uluru is just a big rock, but it’s so much more than that. As you get close to it, you actually get a sense of it’s history and magic. Guided tours from Adelaide are well worth it!


10. Freycinet National Park

The bays here provide great opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving, to see rock pools, and lots of other attractions. You could spend your whole trip here and never run out of things to do!


Now you know where to go in Australia, don’t hesitate to work these locations into your trip plans!

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