12 Clever Travel Tricks for 2015

Travelling has changed in the last few years. Long gone are the days when you had to book your trip through a travel agent, go days without phone and internet, and worry about where to exchange your money. With the advent of new technology – namely the internet – travelling has become more fun and convenient than ever before. But in order to take advantage of this new world, you need to know these 12 clever travel tricks for 2015:

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1. Bank Partnerships

Tired of paying additional transaction fees at foreign ATM’s? Often times, banks will cooperate with other banks abroad to waive their customers’ fees. Check your bank’s website or give them a call to find out.

2. Frequent Flyer Miles

If you have a credit card and you’re not getting frequent flyer (free points toward flights) miles, it may be time to do some research and make the switch. You could save $100’s right off the bat.

3. Airport Parking

For simple airport parking, get rid of the parking altogether. Use a popular ride-share service like Uber or even a traditional cab and leave for your trip worry-free.

4. Unlocked Smartphone

Both iPhones and Androids come in unlocked forms, meaning you can insert a local sim card anywhere in the world, saving you tons of money and time.

5. Couchsurfing

Meet new people, find a place to sleep for free, and return the favor. It’s a new way to travel, just sign up for a couchsurfing.org account to see it’s so popular.


You can actually spend time working on a beautiful organic farm as a volunteer for free. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is an organization of land owners who typically provide room and board in exchange for a set amount of manual labor.

7. Trip Advisor

Download this app or visit the website to get timely, relevant information from other travelers.

8. Hostels

Imagine a college campus, a coffee shop, and a hotel all mixed into one. Try a few days at a hostel for a cheap alternative to that 4 star resort.

9. Traveling with Instruments

Many airlines actually allow certain instruments as carry-ons, so do your research before leaving your guitar behind.

10. Currency Arbitrage

In some places, like Argentina, currencies like the American dollar can fetch a lot more on the street than official exchange rates indicate. Use this trick to get more for your cash.

11. Airport Security

Have all your liquids in clear zipped baggies to avoid being hassled on your way to the plane.

12. Cheap Flights

Sites like cheapoair.com, kayak.com, and skiplagged.com can find the cheapest rate for you in seconds.

Travelling is about adventure, relaxation, and seeing the world. And there have always been trade-offs associated with travelling, making life a little more inconvenient. Luckily, you can prevent a lot of the common hassle with a few simple steps. Follow the clever travel tricks mentioned above and enjoy travelling every time.

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