2017 Travel Goals: Best Destinations to Visit

Wherever you are in the world, travelling is definitely a great form of education and experience. Fuel your wanderlust as you wander to these best Asian destinations for your 2017 travel goals.

Gwangan Bridge Busan - 2017 Travel Goals: Best Destinations to Visit

  • Busan, South Korea

For most people who would want to visit South Korea, Seoul might be their first stop. Apart from the fascinating city of Seoul, Busan is gaining its popularity among tourists because of its laid-back vibe and beachy urban paradise.

Busan is the country’s second largest city and known for its beaches, mountains, and temples. Jagalchi Market and Haeundae Beach are some of the famous destinations in the city. Do not leave the city without eating the hotteok, a traditional Korean snack that is made out of brown sugar and cinnamon filling, which resembles a pancake.

Philippines - 2017 Travel Goals: Best Destinations to Visit

  • Philippines

Are you a beach lover? Do you love the thrill of hiking up a mountain? Do you want to experience the exhilarating ride in a 4×4 truck and mesmerize with the beauty of Mt. Pinatubo? You can all do these exciting activities when you visit Philippines!

Philippines is situated in the Pacific Ocean and consists of about 7,500 islands. Batanes, Palawan, Boracay, and Surigao City are among the most sough-after vacation destinations in the country.

Apart from the lovely destinations, Philippines is also a haven for different and distinct gastronomical delights. Make your stay worth it by eating delectable local dishes, such as pork adobo (a dish that has a mixture of vinegar and soy sauce topped on sliced pork), balut, halo halo, tapsilog, and sinigang.

Backpacker in Thailand - 2017 Travel Goals: Best Destinations to Visit

  • Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular backpacking destinations in Asia. Despite its popularity, the country is a heaven for budget backpackers since almost everything is affordable.

Your Thailand trip is not complete without the visit to the vibrant city of Bangkok. Bangkok offers interesting sights and visual delights through its various beautiful temples, floating markets, and riversides.

Apart from the city life, Thailand also has beautiful beaches that offer the most appealing and picturesque views that would definitely calm your senses. Mai Khao in Phuket, Bamboo Island in Phi Phi Islands, and Sunrise Beach in Koh Lipe are one of the many fascinating beaches you can visit in Bangkok.

Royal Palace Vietnam - 2017 Travel Goals: Best Destinations to Visit

  • Vietnam

Ancient historical sights, epic adventures, mouth-watering dishes, and unique experiences await you when you visit Vietnam. One of the must-see cities in Asia is Hanoi, where ancient meets modern. The city offers incredible scenery of the mountains and warm beaches. No journey to Vietnam is complete without the taste of local delicacies. Pho (noodle soup), buncha (pork meatball), and banh mi thit (sandwich) are some of the Vietnamese food you should try.

Another year has already started. One of the common New Year’s resolutions of many is to travel a lot. Toyota vehicles are preferred choices when going on a road trip since there are several benefits when driving an SUV. The Asian countries mentioned above are only few of the many destinations you can visit this 2017. What other Asian destinations you have in mind? Let us know!


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