3 Most Intriguing Yachting Destinations of the World

Renting a luxury Yacht and cruising to some unknown destination was considered to be a millionaire’s way of life a few years ago. But now the days have changed, people can charter a luxurious yacht just at the price of renting a luxurious banquet hall or suit in a resort or hotel. Owing to the associated convenience and luxury, yachts are increasingly considered as an ideal place to organize several events like marriages, anniversaries, birthday parties, theme parties and many more.

Yacht Rental - 3 Most Intriguing Yachting Destinations of the World

So, before you head out for sailing, you need to be well aware of the best yachting destinations of the world. The following is a list of the most stunning locations that not only serve as an ideal destination for yachting, but they will also surely make you feel that you are in paradise.

  • Croatia

Croatia is one of the best sailing destinations of the world that shelters some of the most intriguing islands of the world. With more than one thousand islands, Croatia is often referred to as the sailor’s paradise. Starting from the Greek Port City of Trogir to the mesmerizing harbour city Split; there is no end to the destinations where one can go sailing. The southern coast of Croatia is prominent for the sailing options that it offers. One can set sail to Hvar, Brac or Korcula which are nothing but scenic islands with rich history. Most of these islands are located along the Dalmatian Coast and they serve as ideal destination for the ones who are in search of peace and tranquillity.

  • French Riviera

Some of the most spectacular aspects that make the French Riviera a highly absorbing yachting destination are serene beaches, jagged inlets, secret lagoons and desolated islands. Every year numerous tourists fly down to this destination to enjoy the fun of sailing. With mind boggling natural landscapes, this destination is ideal for yacht parties and events. People who are in search of a romantic getaway should necessarily consider sailing to the islands of Porquerolls and Port Cros which is located at a completely different side of the coast line.

Newport Beach - 3 Most Intriguing Yachting Destinations of the World

  • Newport Beach

It is important to note that Yachting is not just considered as a sport by the locals of the New Port Beach, but most of them heartily believe that it is the part of their lifestyle- such is the popularity of yachts in this beach town, which is located almost ten miles south of Santa Ana and is a popular city of California. One can charter several types of yachts based on the events. People who are looking for boat rentals in NewPort Beach can consider opting for renowned organizations that offer yachts on rent.

Apart from these above mentioned destinations, there are several other locations like Palermo, Canary Islands, Cuba and Thailand which deserves a mention indeed. Popularity of destination weddings has increasingly made yachts to be a preferred location to marry. Besides this, Yachts are often used for organizing private parties, as well.

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