3 Private Tours You Should Take of Mumbai

When taking a vacation, more people are gravitating towards India. There are many reasons for this; some of which include the rich culture, the friendly natives and endless sights and activities which leave a lasting impression. If you are unfamiliar with the area, it can be hard to decide which activities you should do. Hearing about the experience of others who visited the same place and their recommendations can help you narrow down your options. Since there is an abundance of things to do in Mumbai, you can make an informed decision by using a site such as Hipmunk which not only has helpful reviews, but it offers discounted rates.

The Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai

Choose a Unique Hotel Experience

When visiting Mumbai, one of the most important things you can do is choose a great hotel experience. There is nothing more comforting than coming back to a relaxing hotel at the end of an adventurous day. There is a wide range of hotels in Mumbai. If you are looking for an exceptional experience, the Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai is worth looking into. Since this luxurious hotel faces the Arabian Sea, you can enjoy the peace and calm of the ocean while riding on a ferry or lounging on your hotel balcony overlooking the waters. A few other high end features include a spa, yoga, and fine dining.

A Tour of Matunga Market

If you are looking for a tour that will give you insight into the daily life in Mumbai as well as the rich history, Matunga Market is a good one. During the tour you will get a chance to learn about the origin of the people, as well as the history of the architecture. Not only is Matunga Market filled with interesting sights and sounds but the flavorful aromas will leave you yearning for a taste of authentic Mumbai flavors. You can then end the tour by sitting down to a lovely meal.

Gateway of India

View The Town

A great way to navigate the town and city centers of Mumbai is to have a private tour. Your tour guide can customize your visit by taking you to locations that suit your interests. A favorite among Mumbai visitors is taking a stroll through the town. You can enjoy shopping on the street markets where you will find authentic, handmade items that are hard to find at any store. Being able to interact with the Mumbai natives will enrich your visit and help you learn more about the traditions and culture.

When taking a visiting Mumbai there are several things to keep in mind. If you are looking for smooth navigation in the city, it is helpful to have a private tour. This gives you the chance to enjoy your time with the inside knowledge of the best places to go. You can also have the peace of mind of knowing you will return to a relaxing hotel, with amenities that cater to your needs. Some of those features may include round the clock room service, yoga with an instructor, and a full body spa experience. Whatever your preferences are, you can be sure that when you visit Mumbai you will want to return.

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