4 Attractions To Visit in Belfast!

Belfast is located on the east coast of Ireland, near the river Lagan. Although, it is a large industrial city, which was formed only in the 19th century, it has many interesting attractions.

The city is well planned and it is very convenient to travel by car there. Any tourist who visits Belfast will love its peaceful atmosphere and its calm rhythm of life.

In this article, you will find short descriptions of the most visited attractions in Belfast.

1.  Belfast Castle

Address: Antrim Rd, BelfastBT15 5GR, Northern Ireland

Belfast Castle
Image: flickr.com/photos/shelley_dave

The Belfast Castle might be not as well-known as other castles in England, but it also has its own interesting story and it attracts many tourists each year.

The Belfast Castle was built by the Normans in the 12th century. But it was built of wood and has not survived to our times.

The monument that you can see nowadays belongs to the 19th century. There is a belief that luck will accompany all who visit the Belfast Castle, but only as long as there is a cat in the castle.

According to legend, the castle has always contained a white cat, and in its gardens you can find several monuments of this animal.


2.  Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park

Address: Upper Malone Road, BelfastBT9 5PD, Northern Ireland

Stone Circle
Image: flickr.com/photos/e_phots

It is hard to find a more comfortable place for relaxation in Belfast than the Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park.

This well maintained park has a few beautiful gardens, lovely pound and playground for kids.

Especially, it is nice to spend time here in summer. You can have a picnic in the shade of trees or to enjoy an ice-cream while you walking through the numerous paths of the park.

One of the advantages of the park is the convenient parking zone.


3.  Belfast Zoo

Address: Bellevue| Antrim Road, NewtownabbeyBT36 7PN, Northern Ireland

Belfast Zoo
Image: flickr.com/photos/neilrickards

Visiting the Zoo is a very important part of any vacation with children.

The Belfast Zoo is not the largest one in the country, but it is still worth visiting. It covers an area of 55 acres and has about 1000 animals. They are all kept in excellent conditions. Veterinarians examine each animal every day.

Most animals of Belfast Zoo are endangered. There are such rare species as the western lowland gorilla, red lemur, giant anteater, panda, Sumatran tiger and a kangaroo. You will spend a really great time here with the whole family!


4.  Titanic Belfast

Address: 1 OlympicWay| Queen’sRoad, Titanic Quarter, BelfastBT3 9DT, Northern Ireland

Titanic Belfast
Image: flickr.com/photos/infomatique

The Titanic Belfast is a modern and stylish museum and monument of the maritime heritage of Belfast. It was opened only in 2012.

The building itself is very interesting because its corners have a shape of the nose of the ships. The museum has a largest exhibition dedicated to the “Titanic”.

The museum presents not only a variety of artifacts from the sunken ship. There are also copies of cabins, banquet hall of “Titanic” and the replica of the main staircase. And even more!

You can visit special interactive pavilions with photos and videos from the chronicles of the “Titanic”. Definitely, this splendid museum is worth visiting!


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Car for rent
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