4 Great Ways to Enjoy National Parks This Summer

There are over 400 National Parks and only so much summer left to enjoy. However, it isn’t too late to find your closest park and take in the beauty of nature on a hike or camping trip with family or friends. Here are just a few ways that you can get that much closer to a park visit before the weather turns too cold to do so.

National Park - 4 Great Ways to Enjoy National Parks This Summer


National parks are full of hiking trails for a variety of ages and levels of experience. If you have certain needs, you can easily research the trails ahead of time to find ones that are suited to your level. If you have children, it’s best to go on the shorter and easier trails. You can also do a drive-through of certain areas to get a view of canyons, forests, and other beautiful landscapes preserved by the National Parks Foundation.


Most National parks offer camping sites along with their hiking trails. While you can book a cabin or hotel, many traditionalists can seek a solid camping experience from designated sites set aside for RV’s and tents. While some campsites are set aside by the National Parks Foundation, others that are privately run can offer amenities like breakfasts and charging stations for electric vehicles.

Use Free Resources

Some of the free travel guides that you can download are the following:

  1. The National Park Owner’s Guide is a resource with maps, tips, and inside information to make your visit fun and unforgettable.
  2. Urban Playgrounds lists parks in or close to 24 major metropolitan areas. They have a diversity of landscapes, stories, and people, and most can be experienced in a day trip or less.
  3. Road Trippin’ features some lesser-known “treasures” and 15 different long-weekend getaway ideas.
  4. Happy Trails contains 25 Unforgettable National Park Hikes with descriptions and recommendations on treks and trails for all ages and levels of ability as well as general hiking.
  5. Gimme Shelter that lists a variety of places to rest and recharge in the parks after your incredible opportunities to explore.
  6. I Heart Parks that concentrate on romantic adventures to make lasting memories with the person you love.

The National Park Foundation works hard year-round to preserve and protect beautiful natural landscapes for us to enjoy. Whether by tent, Kitsap RV, or cabin, you can spend days soaking in the natural wonders of even a single park if you go soon before winter comes.

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