4 Reasons to Invest in Your Very Own Holiday Home

Who hasn’t at some point dreamed of owning their very own holiday home?

Holiday Homes - 4 Reasons to Invest in Your Very Own Holiday Home

For those considering turning their dream into a reality as well as those who aren’t, here are 4 reasons why you should – as well as some advice as to how to go about realising the dream of owning a holiday property.

1.    Privacy
It might not be a British quality that many of us would class as one of our best, or most virtuous, but us Brits love our privacy. Perhaps this is because we are traditionally a rather reticent lot who shudder at the mere thought of confrontation. Suffice to say, the two combined can make staying in a hotel nightmare inducing, even if the hotel in question is a dream establishment.

The fact is, and as discussed at length via the You Gov website article: Love Thy Neighbour? British People are Barely Friends with Them, us Brits struggle to even establish friendships and rapports with those we live beside permanently, nevermind having those we end up sharing a hotel or resort with for a fortnight or less. Then, those who own their own holiday home can happily be British and successfully avoid their neighbours, if they so wish.

Either way, the supreme privacy provided those who purchase their own holiday home, whether it takes the form of a country cottage, static caravan or houseboat even, ensures Brits who own one stand to enjoy their holidays far more than those who don’t – if only because they can instantly do away with all the stress associated with booking a hotel, booking the right hotel, who is going to be in the next room, how sound proofed are the rooms, are people going to be coming and going?

…You know the rest; after all, most of us go through this period of very British holiday induced anxiety every year whilst attempting to book what should be the most exciting and stress-free fortnight of our lives, and are for those who holiday in their very own home from home.

2.    Flexibility and Convenience
Holidays take a level of planning wherever you opt to go, however you choose to get there and wherever you decide to stay. The amount of pre-planning and how rigid families are required to be when booking a holiday spent in a hotel vs. one spent in their own holiday home can cause all manner of issues though. From late or cancelled flights to family members having to work, to others falling ill, to hotels overbooking or failing to deliver on all their websites and / or brochures promised…the list goes on, unless of course you buy your own place, in which case the list is rather wonderfully short.

Those who own their own holiday home need only and often to plan their travel to and from their destination. They know what they are arriving to be greeted with and should their plans change they know that their holiday home will be as ready to receive them in another week or month as it is now.

In fact, one of the biggest stresses for current British holiday home owners specifically is the uncertainty cast by the grey cloud that is Brexit. Already, British newspapers including The Telegraph (read their article: Book all your holidays now – prices are about to start soaring to see for yourself)are advising holiday makers that ‘prices are about to start soaring’.

Brexit needn’t put a kibosh on owning your own holiday home as a Brit though. Rather, Brexit has provided the perfect opportunity to not only once again enjoy the good old staycation by turning to a holiday home specialist such as Pure Leisure, but as well to make some money out of doing so – which is explained further in the final reason to consider buying a holiday home to feature on this lo-down.

3.    No Need to Compromise
Not being masters of confrontation, at least stereotypically speaking, us Brits are not always masters of compromise either; if we plan something and pay for it, we expect to receive it. Hence, most of us are irked and even upset at arriving at a hotel only to be moved or provided with a room we didn’t book. Equally, arriving at the airport to discover the plane we expected to board is delayed…by thirty hours, is somewhat irritating, to be British about expressing inward rage and resort to ‘epic understatement’.

Whilst owning a holiday home won’t make the planes run on time, it will save a lot of wasted holiday time trying to negotiate with hoteliers, travel agents and the likes, as well as having to come to terms with those compromises that only present themselves once we reach our hotel in Egypt or suite in Iceland.

Further, to press the tip given in the previous point: buy a holiday home on home soil and not only can you do away with the needto worry about many of the potential issues relating to Brexit, you can also avoid the airports all together. His means you can of course then really take control of your holidaying and enjoy your time away in the luxury of your own property whilst enjoying the comfort of knowing: you didn’t have to compromise to get here, and you won’t have to compromise now you are.

4.    Investment Potential
Brexit has left a lot of us on tenterhooks, and not just those who own holiday properties abroad or were considering buying one. It has though, to provide some balance, resulted in a surge in the number of Brits opting to take ‘staycations’ as discussed via the Express Newspaper website article: ‘Our best summer EVER’ British staycations post-Brexit add £1.4BILLION to UK economy.

This surge in Brits opting to holiday at home is helping to boost the UK economy and as well presents those considering buying a holiday home with a unique opportunity to turn a holiday home into a genuinely lucrative investment.To put it plainly, the more Brits holiday within the UK, the more Brits require accommodation in which to do so.

Further, because a high proportion of those holidaying on home soil are doing so to save money, many of this number are also eager to avoid the extortionate prices associated with booking hotels and are consequently open if not excited to instead find a self-catering home-from-home for their week or fortnight away.

Then, now is a better time than ever to buy a holiday home like Pure Leisure, provided it is located within the UK. Those considering it though better strike while the iron is hot; as we’ve all seen in recent years due to the surge in ‘buy-to-let’ investors, the more who buy with financial gain in mind, the higher the prices of UK property and in this instance holiday homes are likely to get.

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