4 Unique Road Trip Ideas

Even though summer is over, that doesn’t mean you should stop traveling. In fact, the best time to travel is after the summer is over. Once school starts up again, less people are traveling, meaning your travel destinations will be less expensive and less crowded. Road trips are fun for reasons other than just for the sole reason of driving to your destination. When you choose to travel somewhere via plane, you lose the opportunity to get to see the the journey and everything along the way to your destination. If you’ve decided to take a road trip this fall, here are a few unique ideas.

Scenic Route - 4 Unique Road Trip Ideas

Taking the scenic route

Another great way to enjoy a road trip, is to plan you trip through some beautiful places, and plan to stop along the way a lot to take pictures. You don’t need an expensive camera or fancy equipment in order to take beautiful pictures to remember the fun road trip you took. Most smart phones actually have really great cameras, meaning it’s easier than ever to take amazing photos with your phone. You won’t need any training, you just have to know how to turn on your phone, point it at a beautiful view, and snap a picture. You’ll love having those photos easily accessible on your phone for you to post on social media immediately, rather than having to wait til you’re home to load them onto your computer before you’re able to share them. There are dozens of gorgeous road trip routes throughout the US that will provide you with breathtaking views.

Take a roadtrip without a destination

If you’ve never been farther East than Missouri, maybe it’s time for you to pack up your car with maps and snacks, and venture out to explore. A lot of the stress of taking a trip is the planning. You can remove that stress by simply deleting the planning from the equation. Drive until you reach somewhere you want to stay for the night, and repeat the next day. This can be an especially fun idea if you’re wanting to explore one of the coasts. Drive until you see the ocean, and then spend the next few days driving along the coast. This sort of trip will help you see multiple new states, and provide you with breathtaking views and an unforgettable experience. You can even pack a tent and some sleeping bags, so you won’t have to wait for highly inhabited cities in order to stop for the night. This also helps you save on the cost of hotels. Whether you have a specific destination in mind or not, make sure that you always practice safe travel habits.

Roadtrip - 4 Unique Road Trip Ideas

Haunted roadtrip

This is the perfect roadtrip for the fall. There are hundreds of haunted locations scattered throughout the country. Whether you believe in paranormal activity or not, it can still be fun to visit these spooky spots and hear the stories of ghosts and ghouls coming to haunt those that are still living. For some, this kind of trip will leave them with goosebumps and a quickened heart rate, and for others, it will be a source of humor. No matter where on the spectrum you fall, it will not only be an entertaining and enjoyable trip, it will also be a chance for you to get to see more of the country and learn a little bit of history.

Plan a food themed road trip

One fun road trip idea is to plan the entire trip around a certain food. For example, you could choose to travel to coffee shops you’d always wanted to visit throughout the East Coast. Your entire trip would be dedicated to stopping and trying drinks. This type of trip is great because instead of having one final destination, you have multiple destinations to look forward to. Another great novelty food item to plan your trip around is matcha. Matcha tea has become incredibly popular in America over the last few years, so you may as well figure out what the hype is about. Try a matcha themed road trip, where you stop and try different types of matcha and maybe even attend a Japanese tea ceremony.

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