5 Answers Why Bari is So Often-Visited!

Dream of a quiet and lovely weekend?
Set off to Bari and feel deep relaxation in charming Mediterranean!

It’s interesting to know that Bari is one of the most visited resorts of Italy. You may be very surprised, because, probably you haven’t heard much about this city.
Yes, it’s not so popular like Milan or Rome, but this is a true gem of Italy!
Despite the fact that Bari is a large modern city, it has retained an indescribable atmosphere of comfort and coziness, which is usually inherent in small towns.
It also attracts for its spectacular scenery, beautiful sandy beaches and excellent opportunities for your vacation! And that’s not all! Want to know more? Great! Just grab your credit card, a rental car, and get ready to check out TOP 5 reasons, why so many people all over the world continue visiting Bari year by year!

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1. Visit a famous pilgrimage site of Christians!

Location: Largo Abate Elia, 13, 70122 Bari, Italy
GPS Position (parking): 41.129769, 16.86795
Length of visit: 1-2 hours
It’s interesting to know that Bari is popular not only among ordinary tourists!
There are about 500,000 of pilgrims come here to visit Bari’s Saint Nicholas Basilica which is not only a beautiful Romanesque masterpiece, but also a living pilgrimage site for many Christians who come to pray at the tomb of St Nicholas!
It’s a unique experience you shouldn’t miss!
Admission: Free
Hours: Monday – Saturday: 7am – 8.30pm, Friday: 7am – 10pm

2. Discover the deepest cave in the world!

Image: flickr.com/photos/fotodispalle

Location: Piazzale Anelli, 70013, Castellana Grotte, Bari, Italy
GPS Position (parking): 40.876579, 17.149561
Length of visit: 2-3 hours
Located only 40 km from Bari you’ll find the most famous and the deepest cave in the world – “Grotte di Castellana!”
The length of the tunnel is 3 km, so a tour through the underground labyrinths takes about 2 hours.
The most patient and enduring ones will be rewarded at the end of the path: after reaching the White cave you will see unique snow-white stalactites! Amazing sight!
Admission: Complete itinerary 15 €, partial itinerary 10 €
Hours: complete tours start – 11am, 4pm, partial – 1pm, 6.30pm

3. Get a full relaxation on the Pane e Pomodoro Beach!

Location: Park & Ride – Pane e Pomodoro, 70126 Bari, Italy
GPS Position (parking): 41.117092, 16.895358
Length of visit: 3-4 hours
This is the most popular beach both among tourists and locals.
Crystal clear Adriatic Sea, gentle sun, free parking and plenty of cozy cafes: there is everything to forget about all the problems and just enjoy the trip!
Admission: Free
Hours: recommended 11am-5pm

4. Taste the most delicious pizza in the whole city!

Location: Via Matteo Renato Imbriani, 79, 70121 Bari, Italy
GPS Position (parking): 41.122374, 16.875715
Length of visit: 1-2 hours
It’s time to eat so let’s check Pizzeria Enzo e Ciro! Besides, many people say that this is the best pizza spot in Bari!
Delicious meals, cozy atmosphere, cheap drinks and great value: what else do you need for a great vacation?
P.S. Don’t forget to try its famous mushroom antipasti!
Prices: 5-15 €
Hours: daily 10am-10pm

5. Admire gorgeous and unique Castel del Monte!

Location: Andria, Barletta-Andria-Trani, Italy
GPS Position (parking): 41.083407, 16.271838
Length of visit: 1-2 hours

Image: flickr.com/photos/markturner

Castel del Monte is one of the most outstanding castles of Emperor Frederick II!
It belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This attraction really impresses for an exclusive octagonal shape and unusual color effect!
The surroundings are also very beautiful.  You won’t find such an amazing ancient castle anywhere else, and this is not a coincidence that it continues to excite many historians and mystics to the present days!
Admission: adults 5 €, children 2,5 €
Hours: daily 10am-6pm

How to get a rental car in Bari?

Without any doubt, a rental car is one of the “must have” things during your vacation! You won’t need to wait taxi or public transport. Besides, a rental car is the best choice due to the fact that many attractions are located not in the city itself.
Don’t know where to get the car? Be sure to do it directly at the Bari Airport!
It’s very easy! Just follow this link http://italy.rentalcars24h.com/bari-airport#tips, make a booking online in advance, and a car will be prepared upon your arrival at the airport!

Image: flickr.com/photos/thecarspy

Enjoy the best emotions in Bari!

Author Bio: Lily Berns adores getting to know new cultures and meeting new people from all over the world. She writes travel articles specifically for RentalCars24h.

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