5 Great Sydney Nightspots

Sydney. The Harbour City. Home to over 6 million Australians, making it the biggest city in the country, Sydney is a pulsing, thriving, happening place to have fun. A night out in Sydney is sure to be one you won’t forget, as Sydney bars have quite the reputation for being wild.

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If wild’s not your cup of tea, however, you can still have an amazing time, with a range of quirky, quiet, classy, funky, rock & roll and straight out bizarre bars and nightclubs to cater to every taste. For this reason, we’ve chosen 5 great Sydney nightspots to share with you—all very different, but each a whole lot of fun in its own right. Which one will you be checking out?


If quirky and alternative is what you’re after, you can’t go past the Corridor in Sydney’s Newtown. A diverse and student-populated area, Newtown has its share of hipsters, Goths, hippies and trendites, making it a vibrant mix of all that is cool and underground. Corridor Bar encapsulates this mix of elements perfectly, and with fantastic live music, comfy armchairs, cocktails that won’t break the bank and a crowd cooler than seventeen cucumbers, you’ll love checking out the eclectic design of this inner-city hub.


If you’re looking for a good gay bar that’s not an out-and-out disco party, the Phoenix is a good place to start the night with some cool gay and gay-friendly people. It’s a slightly more up market crowd than you get at the big super clubs along Oxford Street, and it provides the perfect place for you to get those dancing shoes ready to work it later on in the night!


If glitz and glamour are what you’re into on a night out, then you really can’t go past the mega structure of the Merrivale group’s IVY nightclub. Boasting four levels, restaurants, a hairdressing salon and a rooftop pool bar, nothing says exclusivity like the IVY. If you can deal with the drinks prices and the posers, and if you can wrangle your way into an exclusive IVY pool bar access card, then it can actually be a great night out, as you overlook the city from your rooftop vantage point.

Casual Beachside Fun

If you want chilled, relaxed and laidback fun, look no further than Bondi’s Beach Road Hotel. With a huge outdoor beer garden perfect for those summer nights, a range of quality music artists and groups that play free each Wednesday night and an authentic pokies and gambling section so you can put a bit of change through or swap some racing tips and bet on a horse race, you know this is contemporary Aussie fun at its finest.

Heavy Metal

Anyone who likes their music fast, loud, growly and frenetic, this place is for you. The White House Hotel in Petersham has embraced the metal genre with fervour, and on the last Saturday of every month it opens its doors to the best heavy metal has to offer, with it’s ‘Sydney Metal Club’ night. If you have long hair, tight black jeans, a band tee-shirt and a passion for loud music, you can’t go past this night for a good night out.

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