5 Holiday Tips For Pregnant Ladies

Just because you’re pregnant does not mean you shouldn’t go on holidays — in fact you should definitely go on one last holiday before the bub arrives! But where to go?

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How far along you are will dictate how far you can go. If you’re in last trimester and heading towards full time it us advisable not to fly, and airlines will not allow you to board at a certain point (usually a few months out from your due date). These are restrictions for your own safety and that of the baby, so rather than being disappointed, think about all the great places nearby. Discuss what you want to get out of the holiday and how long you can go for to find the perfect place to go!

When planning, the following suggestions might help you with the direction you take and the conveniences you look for.

1. The Weather
There is nothing worse than being pregnant and stuck in ridiculous heat, especially if you’re a long way through your pregnancy. Being in your last trimester and the worst heat of summer, combined with humidity is not advisable and won’t be comfortable. Rather than thinking Thailand or Fiji, which let’s face it are about cocktails by the pool, think somewhere cool and calm. Rainforest retreats are a perfect location, offering a natural surrounding, cool weather and nothing at all to stress you.

2. The Facilities
If you don’t have a pool at home and you’re heavily pregnant go on holidays somewhere that offers a heated pool — you won’t regret it. Ok, the last thing you may feel like doing is getting into bathers, but most maternity wear stores have some very flattering ones and let’s face it, at this stage of the pregnancy it’s more about your comfort. A pool offers the support and buoyancy of water, which means for as long as you’re in there, you don’t have to feel the full weight of gravity pulling down on your baby bump. The heat will also relax your muscles and make you feel more comfortable.

3. Food
Another thing to consider is food. While you may want one last adventure before you get too big to fly, you need to be very careful of what you ingest as the baby also consumes it. Going to places like India may be great when you’re not pregnant, but with the risk of spicy food so high, you don’t want to take any chances with your unborn baby.

4. Relax
Another great option is to take the chance to relax and be pampered. Forget nurseries, toys and nappies for a while and instead focus on massage, spas and manicures. Reconnect with your partner, spend time together, be pampered together and bond.

5. Building Standards
Finally, if considering places like Europe, or other much older locations, remember building standards may not be the same. You don’t want to be anywhere that may have renovations going on, fumes in the air, or lead based paint peeling away.

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