5 Home Preparations For A Worry Free Vacation

When leaving the home for an upcoming trip, it can be easy to only prepare by packing the essentials and planning an itinerary. The mistake that many residents make is forgetting to properly secure their home and install security to keep it protected while away. It’s crucial to plan just as much for the home to ensure that break-ins are prevented.

Worry Free Vacation - 5 Home Preparations For A Worry Free Vacation

1. Park a Vehicle in the Driveway

It can seem like common sense to lock a vehicle away in a garage while absent from the home, but an empty driveway will only alert potential intruders that residents are not present. Keep a vehicle parked in front of the house or in the driveway to make it appear as if someone is occupying the property.

2. Ask the Post Office to Hold Mail

Instead of allowing mail to pile up for an easy giveaway that you’re on a trip, ask the local post office to hold your mail until you return to pick it up to ensure that it doesn’t alert strangers passing by. This can also be done for the local newspaper delivery service, asking them to withhold the service within a certain time frame.

3. Display a “Beware of Dog” Sign

Whether a dog is on the property or not, displaying a “Beware of Dog” sign will make intruders uneasy and often ward away those looking at the property. A dog bowl can also be placed near the driveway to make it appear as if the home is protected by a large dog.

4. Install a Security System

Get an ADT security system for your Houston home, which is the most effective method to protecting the property and preventing a break-in. The service will remain active at all hours of the day and will send an alert should anyone enter the home. Place an ATD sign in the yard, which will also make it less likely for the home to be targeted by thieves.

5. Don’t Broadcast the Vacation Plans

Avoid changing the answering machine to inform callers that you’re away for the week, which will work to be a tip-off to those targeting the property. Keep the answering machine the same and consider forwarding incoming calls to a cell phone, making it easy to answer while away. This will make it appear as if you’re still home, whether receiving a call from a salesman or a local sports league.

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