5 Magical Secrets for a Successful Disneyworld Vacation Road Trip

Going on a road trip to Disneyworld is exciting for the whole family. It’s easy to get overly ambitious so there are some things to keep in mind if you want your vacation to go smoothly. Remember these 5 magical secrets to make sure your road trip is successful.

Disney World - 5 Magical Secrets for a Successful Disneyworld Vacation Road Trip

Buy Merch Before You Go

Getting merch at Disney is expensive but you can buy it ahead of time from just about anywhere. Even officially licensed ears and t-shirts are sold at discount stores such as Target and Walmart. You can also get customized shirts through sellers on sites like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress or make your own with a Cricut Machine. Give children new Disney merch on each day of the vacation to make sure they’re appeased and you can convince them that they don’t need the overpriced stuff at the park.

Book Hotels in Advance

If you look ahead of time, you can get the best hotel deals. This includes any hotels along the way if the trip takes multiple days. Booking in advance ensures you can use travel rewards and get the best deals. Online booking is usually cheaper than walking into an office and paying the advertised price as well. You get the amenities you want for the best price by setting up your hotels before you go.


FastPass+ links with your Disney account. You can choose up to three ride times in advance so you can skip the line and maximize the fun. Manage your FastPass+ from your smartphone and after the three rides that you set up in advance, you can continue adding to your FastPass+ one ride at a time. Reducing wait times ensures you get to enjoy as much of the park as possible while also reducing grumpiness associated with impatient children.

Watch Gas Prices

The price of gas is highly variable depending on where you are. If you see cheap gas, stop to fill up even if you’re not low yet. This will help reduce your overall gas spending and leave more money in your pocket for you to have fun. If you start running low without seeing a good price, pull off the highway to get local prices instead of the hiked up ones that are often seen along major roads. The detour is minimal and the savings are worth the few minutes of lost time.

Budget for Emergencies

Budgeting is an important part of any vacation. Disney is arguably the easiest destination to go over budget so it’s important to research the costs of what you want to do and prioritize. Don’t forget about budgeting in food both inside and outside of the park. Make sure to have an emergency road trip account that you don’t plan to touch for the fun stuff. This ensures you have your bases covered in case there’s an emergency such as someone needing to see a doctor or a car issue such as needing a tire or windshield replacement.

The last thing you want to be unable to pay for any potential issues like windshield replacement or end up maxing out all of your credit cards with emergencies and not be able to buy food at the park. Make sure you budget for emergencies so you can enjoy your time having fun at the most magical place on earth.There are many ways to ensure your Disneyworld vacation road trip run smoothly. Make sure everyone’s wants and needs are accounted for. Everyone being on the same page will result in the whole family having the best vacation possible.

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