5 Must See Tours When Visiting Australia

Australia is well known for amazing landscape and outdoor activities. If you are on tour in Australia, there are a number of must-see tours. The Blue Mountains tour in New South Wales, a Phillip Island tour in Victoria and a Great Barrier Reef tour in Queensland, to name a few. As a true Australian, here is my top 5 ‘must-do’ tours.

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If you are planning a holiday or on a package deal to visit Australia this article is for you. There are a range of places that you just must go and see. If you are on a package tour for two weeks you can expect to cover enormous distances. Australia is a big country, and so to get a real feel for it, you are going to have to those miles.
Here is a look at my top 5 tours, from a Blue Mountains tour in NSW, to watching the Phillips Island penguin watching tour in Victoria, from around the country.

  • Sydney. Often mistaken for being the capital of Australia, Sydney is definitely the capital for fun and parties. Sydney City itself is loaded with Australian history and modern art and culture. Some of the best beaches in Australia are along the coastline of Sydney and only minutes away from the city. Outer lying areas that you must visit are the Blue Mountains and the local wine districts. For those looking for more urban entertainment, choose your time of visit during the world famous Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.
  • Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. Cairns was only a sleepy fishing village only a few years ago. In the last two decades, it has boomed into one of Australia’s top tourist locations. There is a multitude of options of outdoor activities. Cairns is at the heart of some of Australia’s top golf courses, tropical rainforests, and it is your gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. You will soon slip into the tropical lifestyle of North East Queensland.
  • Victoria and Phillip Island. Melbourne is the capital and you will find this is a vibrant and multicultural city packed with year round events and activities. Phillip Island is world famous for motor sporting events, and if you have the change to get on the island, a Phillip Island tour to watch the penguins of the region come marching in, is an absolute must. An excellent example of how Australia maintains its natural environment with modern day development.
  • Uluru and the Red Centre. Another one of Australia’s icons, formerly known as Ayer’s Rock, Uluru is the single largest monolith on the planet. A sacred home to the indigenous population. The national park serves as both a wildlife preserve and national park. Another excellent example of Australia’s ability to develop tourism and maintain indigenous rights, local culture, and the environment.
  • Monkey Mia. Monkey Mia is north of Perth and a considerable way from the rest of the world. Perth is famous for being Australia’s capital city for the nouveau rich. Internet start-ups in some of the most wayward industries boom. You will need to head north around 850 kilometers from of Perth along the western coast of Australia. Monkey Mia is the home to many wild dolphins. Those who have been will tell you dolphins have an amazing power to change the way you feel and see the world.

Are you ready to do those miles?

When you choose a destination for family holidays, there are thousands of possibilities. Pick somewhere that is child-friendly, or your holiday could be a disaster.

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