5 Skills that All Backpackers Should Possess

Being a frequent traveler does come with a set of challenges especially if you are an adventurous backpacker. While everyone prefers traveling with a lot of people there are a few who chooses the path less traveled. But it does come with it’s own disadvantages, traveling alone requires a lot of skills for you to survive the harsh outdoor environment.

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If you are person that does enjoy having the more authentic experience when you are going on a trip, backpacking is definitely for you. Here is a list of skills that are necessary for you to become an expert backpacker even if you just started becoming one.


One of the most important skills to hold when going for a simple camping trip or going for an out-of-country tour is mapped or navigation. It is very crucial for you to know where you are and where you’re going. This is because of one obvious reason, so that you will never get lost. Moreover, having this skill would mean that you would know where to go in case unfortunate things happen or what direction to take when you don’t have access to any navigational devices.

The Eagle Eye for Flight Promotions

For frequent travelers, may it be domestic or international, having an eagle eye any flight promotion is key to moving within or below the budget. One neat trick to do this is to sign up for the airline mailing list to get email updates on new promotions. Moreover, most airline companies have promos on special occasions (i.e. Christmas, New Year, & other holidays) so you have to watch out for those dates to avail of the discounts and promos. And click on that travel insurance, you’ll never know what will happen in your trip.

Haggling Skills

When on a tour to other places or countries, you have a greater chance of survival when you have spare cash. So it is very important to spend the least amount of money that you can. To do this, you got to have bargaining or haggling skills so that you can save a lot of money by availing for discounts. In connection, you also have to watch out for people who trick tourists of paying more than the regular prices so that you won’t spend more than what you should have.

First Aid

It’s not all the time you can have ready access to clinics and medical facilities so having first aid skills is a definite MUST. Even just learning how to clean wounds would go a long way when needed. But more importantly, you should also learn a lot more such as stopping a bleeding wound, helping someone when he/she is choking, administering CPR, and the like. You just might be surprised if these first aid skills would save your life or someone else’s.

Starting a Fire

There’s no problem in setting out a fire when you’re at the city or when you have the necessary tools, but when you’re out camping or you’re in the forest without these tools, you got to have fire starting skills. You have to know the basics on improvising or using the available resources to make a fire (i.e. tinder, dried leaves, branches and even rocks) so that you can warm yourself especially when it’s freezing.

Backpacking is not easy but if you are love the thrill of doing it, that intense passion of expanding your horizons and creating one-of-a-kind memories, you are in for a treat. I have travelled to six countries while backpacking and I cannot wait to try it again. I’

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