5 Spots for Swimming with Dolphins in the Pacific

Discover five great places to swim with dolphins in South-East Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

swimming with a dolphin - 5 Spots for Swimming with Dolphins in the Pacific
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Swimming with dolphins is often a dream for children and adults alike. Dolphins are intelligent, gentle creatures who enjoy the company of humans. There are many places in the Pacific, both on the American coast and in Asia, where you can swim with dolphins. All you need is plane ticket, a reservation in a luxury resort and directions to the nearest dolphin swimming spot. Here are five of our favourites.

1. Laem Sing, Thailand

In Laem Sing, you’ll find the Oasis Sea World resort. Set in a dreamy location in south-eastern Thailand in the Gulf of Thailand, Laem Sing features beautiful beaches, mangrove forests and mudflats. You can stay in one of the many nearby villages. The sea resort has a dolphin nursery and cares of injured dolphins caught in fishermen’s nets. Species include the pink dolphin and the irrawaddy dolphin. Enjoy dolphin shows or swim with dolphins in roomy pools with constant trainer watch. The resort serves both as a tourist spot and as a wildlife preservation facility.

2. Singapore, Singapore

Underwater World Singapore features the Dolphin Lagoon, a place where you can swim with pink dolphins. Along with daily dolphin shows and the possibility to swim with the dolphins, the park also features a ton of underwater wildlife exhibitions where you can learn about marine life in the South-Asian seas. Singapore is a popular South-Asian city known for its cosmopolitanism and its cleanliness.

3. Rockingham, Western Australia

If you’d rather swim with dolphins in their natural environment, head to Rockingham, in Western Australia. Located near Perth, the Safety Bay location is popular for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Tour operators will take you from the Rockingham jetty and sail to the protected Marine Park islands, where 180 dolphins have made their home. The swim is always supervised by a trainer. The dolphins are truly wild: they aren’t taught to do tricks and they aren’t fed by the guides. However, they always enjoy the company of humans. Enjoy the unique experience of swimming with wild dolphins in their natural environment.

4. Lomalagi, Fiji

Lomalagi, on Vanua Levu island, is home to the only two resident dolphin pods in Fiji. This means that the dolphins stay year-round and don’t migrate. A local guide takes you to their sea home and lets you swim with them. The swim is usually safe as the dolphins are used to human company, but always be respectful of the animals as they can be unpredictable in the wild. Lomalagi also features great snorkeling spots, beautiful beaches and interesting local culture.

5. Kuta, Bali

Any Bali luxury resort will make reservations for you for the popular Bali Dolphins tour. Set in an exclusive ocean enclosure, the tour includes your return trip on a boat from many Kuta beaches, information about dolphins and an opportunity to swim with them. This is all provided for a considerably low price. Enjoy the beautiful Bali beaches and the amazing Kuta nightlife after your visit to the dolphin pen.

As you can see, you can swim with dolphins in many spots in Asia and the Pacific. Swimming with dolphins is a popular activity in oceanic resorts, and you will probably find an occasion to visit those fascinating animals wherever you are in the Asia-Pacific region.

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