5 things you may not know about hiking in France

From time to time, people tempt to explore new and exciting places. France is considered one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe. Therefore, hiking in France is the best idea to explore its mesmerizing spots. Hiking there would be a great chance to escape the crowds that you see in your everyday lives. You will discover many mesmerizing spots that make France one of the amazing country in Europe. So, below you will discover five facts you might not know when you visit this country.


The top destinations for hiking in France

The first destination in France for hikers from all around the world is around Chamonix. Do not miss out the trail of the Tour du Mont Blanc. You can hike there and if it is too big for you, you can head to Chablais or Aravis. Further south, you could find splendid areas for walks. On the other hand, if you are hiking to the Aiguilles Rouges Nature Reserve, you will spend a unique experience you ever made. Lac Blanc is not to be missed there. You will get better views across Mont Blanc. Another place for hiking is located in the Fontainebleu forest, it is one of the best places to unwind. This forest has trails if you want to dip your toes into hiking. However, if you are still looking for a spot to visit, go to the fabulous palace in Fountainebleau.

Fitness and physical preparation before hiking in France

When it comes to hiking in France, the physical preparation and the fitness level are very important. Hiking is a great way to stay healthy, to lose weight and to deal with everyday stress. So, you really need to prepare three areas before you go out on a serious hike. It is very important to increase your fitness level. Hiking is a very cardiovascular exercise. Your lungs as well as your heart need to be fit to supply your body with adequate oxygen. You need good endurance if you really want to hike, especially if you go to a mountainous area. However, don’t forget you will need to have good shoulder to carry your backpack.

Essential equipment for hiking

There are some equipment used for hiking everyone really needs to possess. First, you should always carry a detailed map of the area that you are hiking in and a compass. There is always a chance of getting lost. For example, if you are hiking in Colorado de Provence, a detailed map is recommended as it is quite easy to get lost there. You should know also how to use your compass along with reading your map correctly. Another useful tool is a flashlight that can easily keep you out through the night. A light source is vital if you get caught in the woods after dark. In addition, you should bring along waterproof striker. You should have a cigarette lighter as a backup. And last, but not least, knives are indispensable on backpacking treks. They can help you prepare your food, cut bandages and repair gear.

The weather in France

If you are hiking in France in hot weather, you should protect from the sun and stay well hydrated. It is very necessary to wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. You should wear protective clothing and use a sunscreen because all of these can protect you against sun damage.

Furthermore, you need to carry a lot of water to stay properly hydrated. Therefore, plan to drink at least four litres of water a day. However, the weather is not always great in France. Better is to pay heed to the changeable mountain conditions. Thus, it is very important to bring a suitable warm pullover that is a good combination. Do not forget your socks, so that you will not have a problem with blisters.

Trail dangers

If you are hiking to different boulders, it is possible to meet a dangerous wild animal, guerrilla fighters and heat. For instance, if you are hiking along the rugged trail GR 20 in Corsica, you may walk through the most uneven terrain found anywhere. In fact, the trail is hard to follow. If you go there, you should not hike too quickly in order to stay safe on the trails. Also, if you will see a line of caterpillars, do not touch one as they can give you a very nasty rash. If you are walking alone, bring a bomber defense or pepper spray, which helps you to protect yourself. They can help you to defend against attacks from bears and other wildlife.

Therefore, all of these advice could be of great assistance to you. Then, if you want to uncover all of these destinations, just follow all these guides above. If you want to find out more about the best destinations in France, there are many other interesting spots you could visit. You could even rent many luxury cars so as to complement your stay in France.

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