5 Tips for Solo Campervan Holidays

If you have your own camper but can never find any friends who are interested in taking a road trip with you, why not take full advantage of the freedom that a motor home has to offer and take off on your own for a couple of weeks? For those who are new to the idea of solo camping holidays, the tips below should come in handy.

Solo Campervan
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1. Learn basic maintenance tasks – even if you have a decent breakdown recovery and roadside assistance package, it is a good idea to learn how to perform a few of the most common maintenance and repair tasks if you are planning a solo trip. If you should happen to suffer a puncture on a remote country road, it will be far more convenient if you can change the wheel yourself rather than having to wait a couple of hours for a breakdown truck to arrive.

2. Make sure you have comprehensive cover so that you are not left facing a huge repair bill in the event of an accident. If you are travelling alone and happen to collide with another motorist, there may be no witnesses to testify as to who was responsible for the accident. With However, if you have a comprehensive campervan insurance policy, no matter who is deemed to have been at fault, you will not have to worry about having to shoulder the cost of any repairs.

3. Invest in a smaller van. If you currently own a 4-6 berth motor home that has a few miles on the clock, you might like to consider selling it and using the money you make to buy a brand new micro camper instead. In addition to alleviating any concerns you may have about the reliability of your transportation, it will be far more economical when travelling long distances as the fuel consumption figures for these mini motor homes are fairly impressive.

4. Take appropriate security measures. Motor homes are a popular target for casual thieves as they often contain many valuable items. If you are travelling alone, the last thing you want is to have to deal with a break in so it is important to ensure that all windows and doors are locked whenever you leave your van unattended. It is also a good idea to fit a good quality aftermarket alarm as not only will this provide you with added security, it may also entitle you to a discount on your comprehensive cover. Wheel clamps and steering locks are other security devices that are worth considering.

5. Always carry a spare battery for your mobile phone. Solo travellers need to be able to communicate with the outside world if they should happen to run into difficulties far from the nearest town or city. By carrying a spare, fully-charged battery for your phone you can ensure that you are able to get in touch with friends or family in the event of an emergency, even if you should forget to charge your phone for a couple of days. It is also worth thinking about fitting a CB radio in your vehicle, so that you have another method of communication to use and can have a chat with fellow travellers if you should be feeling lonely after spending a week or two on your own.

Solo road trips can be great fun and you really can go anywhere you fancy when you are holidaying alone. I also find that it is much easier to make new friends when travelling solo; something which can make your adventures so much more enjoyable and fulfilling.

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