5 Top Reasons Why I Enjoyed My Fiji Island Cruise from Sydney Harbour

Cruises from Sydney Harbour depart just about each week as far as I can tell. I just went on a cruise from Sydney to the Fiji Islands on a whole week package with three friends. The experience was mind blowing. I will do it again every year.

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Sydney Harbour cruises might be some people’s idea of getting out and enjoying nature on the seas, but recently, myself and a group of three friends went on a holiday to the Fiji islands on a fully inclusive cruise. I have never been on a cruise, but now you can put in the list of those who are converted. I wish I had done it a lot earlier, and I did not realise a cruise was so good.

We watch cruises on tv and in the movies, and we know it must feel luxurious and a smashing holiday of a lifetime. The reality is very different. A cruise does not have to be a trip of a lifetime, and the enjoyment and fun levels were many more times higher than I had ever imagined. They are also holidays that you can take many times. I was blown away, and that is what prompted me to write this article. Here is my top list of things I enjoyed on my holiday that week.

  • Insta-start. That is what I call it. Your holiday starts from the moment you get on the ship. There is no waiting in lines and awful airport experiences. There is no getting a cold from someone on that cramped flight out of town. Just, welcome aboard, and the party is in full swing.
  • Everyday Different. Your room and your immediate surrounding stay the same, but where you are, just keeps changing. There is something amazing about that. You get to visit all of these beautiful places without even going anywhere.
  • Scenery and Views. On a flight, you have a few minutes to get an idea of where you are. After that you only see one perspective of everything, your normal standing height. On a cruise ship, you get to see places from so many angles and distance. You see an island from out at sea, and while it feels like you are not moving, it slowly and yet suddenly appears closer. The ocean sunsets and sunrises are amazing. Again, you can only really feel this once you have tried. I like nature, and being far out on the ocean does make you feel a little insignificant and an aspect of nature I had never been near.
  • Meals Sorted. Having full breakfast with the table set so nice in a 5 star hotel is always a great experience. On the cruise ship, we had that experience three times a day. Each meal turns into an event because you know it has been arranged, and you start to look forward to it. There is a nice feeling about sitting down for a meal and not having to get money out to pay for it when it is over.
  • The Feeling. The feeling you have with each other, and everyone else on the ship is something special. I have never been on a huge cruise ship, but I do believe it would be hard to match the sense of being together, while having privacy creates a special atmosphere. The service level and care were different to a hotel. The care was amazing, and there is something else you feel when you are being looked after on a cruise ship. It is about fun and being spoilt, but it is also related to knowing those people are there to take care of you. You are on a ship out of sea after all. That changes the relationship between server and guest. The whole ship has this vibe, and it is something that I really enjoyed.

Cruises from Sydney leave on a regular basis. The cost for four people was very well priced. It was certainly much cheaper than flights and accommodation to even on location. We got a further discount of 20% percent because we booked in advance. I would never consider a flight and a hotel for such a destination ever again. Once you do it, you will feel the same way. I am busy making arrangements for my next birthday bash, which if you want to come, you will have to get aboard.

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