6 Great North American Destinations For Off-Roading

Off-roading is an enjoyable family recreation done with four-wheel-drive vehicles, highly modified off-road vehicles, motorcycles, quads and other conveyances. A great off-road course is scenic, challenging and located in areas where there hundreds and at times thousands of miles of two-track trails and unimproved roads.

Off Roading

Rubicon Trail, California

Located in northern California near Placerville and Georgetown, the Rubicon Trail is regarded as one of the toughest off-road trails in the world. It is situated along a mostly unimproved county road and hosts the annual Jeep Jamboree and Rubithon off-road events. Traversing the entire trail can take as long as four days.

Moab, Utah

Moab is located in southeastern Utah near the Colorado border and has many trails traversing the landscape and otherworldly terrain that is considered by many to be among the most scenic in North America. Some areas are limited to only off-road vehicles to avoid potential conflicts with other users, such as mountain bikers and hikers. Guided trail tours and Jeep rentals are available.

Whipsaw Trail, British Columbia

The Whipsaw Trail is located near Coalmont and does not require special permits beyond standard vehicle registration. The trails are located in the southern area of British Columbia and cross two mountain ranges along old mining roads. Local sights include mountain peaks, alpine forests, meadows and many lakes.

Ouray, Colorado

Located in southwestern Colorado near Telluride, the Ouray area is called by many the “Switzerland” of the United States for the many mountain peaks located in the area. The off-road trails mostly are located inside the San Juan National Forest as well as the Rio Grande National Forest and the Uncompahgre National Forest. A park pass is required for use and an OHV permit is necessary when venturing into the adjacent Ridgeway State Park.

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Located near Las Cruces, more than 45,000 miles of off-road fun awaits along the roads and trails on 5.4 million acres that are managed by the federal government. Rocky terrain and mountains await adventurous off-roaders with only a nominal daily use fee required. Off-roading among the rocky trails might result in glass damage that can be repaired quickly by qualified service providers, such as All-West Glass Ltd.

Superlift ORV, Arkansas

Situated near Hot Springs and Malvern, the Superlift ORV Park is a privately owned destination for off-roaders with many cabins and campsites situated along its maintained trails. The park is compact and is very popular among families and more recreationally inclined off-roading enthusiasts. Before you hit the trails, always be sure to have your vehicle tuned up. A small windshield crack repair in Edmonton could save you from having to replace the whole windshield somewhere else.

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