6 Hidden Gems of Canada That You Might Not Know About

Alongside the romance of Montreal and the wonder of Niagara Falls are endless nooks and crannies to be found within Canada’s vast borders. If you’ve never visited Canada, or think you’ve already covered all the attractions worth seeing, know that there is plenty more to explore. Like every area of the world, Canada is home to some lesser-known gems waiting to be seen. Here are six hidden gems of Canada that you might not be aware of:

Yukon River in Dawson City
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Want to be taken back in time? Dawson City, located in Yukon, was the center of the Yukon Gold Rush. Along with stunning views of the surrounding countryside, you’ll find the town so well preserved you’ll feel as if you’re walking onto a Western movie set. Bring a sweater though, as the average July temperature is just above 60F.


Nestled in British Columbia, between Vancouver and Calgary, is Revelstoke – a mining town turned ski destination. You’ll find magical views, quaint shopping, delectable ethnic cuisine and never-ending slopes in this friendly hamlet. Be prepared to spend some time driving as this little gem is hidden deeply in the middle of nowhere.


For a getaway that celebrates winter, try Winterlude in Ottawa. During February’s first three weekends the city puts on a celebration that features ice skating on the world’s largest ice rink, an ice sculpture competition, concerts and even a snow playground. As a bonus, most of the activities are free.


If snow isn’t your thing, you can always wait until June when Ottawa celebrates its Dragon Boat Festival. This unique celebration honors a tradition that began as an ancient Chinese fertility rite dating back 2400 years. Included in the 4-day activities are singers and bands, magical acts, a beer garden, ferry rides, and even events for young children.


Situated to the west of Vancouver is lesser-traveled Vancouver Island. It offers amazing parks, shopping and small town charm, as well as relaxation and activities for all seasons. And if you’re unable to make it to Ottawa in June, Vancouver Island hosts the Vancouver Dragon Boat festival every year in mid-August.


The islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon offer a true detour from the beaten track. The islands – the last true French controlled land in North American – offer museums, lighthouses, storefronts, and miles of coastline. Located off the southern coast of Newfoundland, you must either fly or take a ferry to the islands. You can’t ferry your car though, so be prepared to do some walking.

Allow yourself to experience these lesser traveled wonders and you’ll find amazing flavor in the Canadian countryside. If you’ve already covered the touristy areas of Canada, or you want a vacation off the beaten path, consider seeking out one of these precious hidden gems. The information for this article was provided by the professionals at Cartier Place & Towers Suite Hotels, who provide hotels in downtown Ottawa.

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