6 Important Locations, Which are Soul of Dubai

Most probably Dubai is the only destination in the world where people are flocking from every nook and corner of the world at such a large extent. And this is the most defined city on World Wide Web. Tourists always prefer to read the articles or blogs before finalizing their tour to this wonderful city. The best part is that this city has something for everyone.

Dubai tour

The surprising part is that Dubai is situated at the middle of a desert but after 1970 it has transformed itself to a most sought after place in the world. It has old houses, which are preserved, and architectural marvels of the modern world. People come here for various kinds of things like jobs, business, fun, adventure sports and shopping. Here are a few things to do after you land in Dubai.

  1. You can start with the introductory bus tour, which will give you a head start. You will come to see various spots and can decide, which activity to participate in. This is the best idea to take a tour around the city and later you can visit the place. The details of every notable place will be provided by the tour guide, this will include the importance of this place and history of this place as how it comes into origination? You can also go for hot balloon rides and helicopter rides; this will give an awesome look.
  2. Desert safari tour will let you experience the dune bashing; this is a different kind of experience for the tourists who are not from the desert. In this tour you are provided with a jeep to push your adrenaline level. You have to roam in the desert. Tour organizers also arrange a belly dance program in the evening when this hectic tour ends. You can enjoy the dance with barbeque and flavored Shisha. When you are in Dubai you cannot afford to miss this.
  3. The Burj Al Arab is a hotel with multiple restaurants to satisfy your taste buds. It doesn’t matter, which country you are from. This is perfectly designed and made from uncommon and expensive material.
  4. There are malls like Emirates Mall and Dubai Mall, name any leading brand of the world, they have it. Here you can also indulge in other activities. This is a marvelous place to visit and people spend long hours here at a single stretch. They have so many things to do once you are inside.
  5. Bastakiya is a old part of Dubai and they have well preserved houses there. You will find the old houses with wind towers. This place also has museum, visit this place and you will come to know about the history of Dubai.
  6. Dinner cruise in Dubai is organized by many companies and in the evening you will find many boats or cruises lined up for the show. You can book a whole cruise or book for dinner of two persons only. This dinner lasts usually for 2-3 hours in, which they serve continental as well as Arabian dishes. Some of the companies also offer welcome drinks as you board the cruise. They will pick you from a particular spot and serve you wonderful food as you sail and drop you at the same point.

Author’s Bio: Jack Synder is a blogger and has written many guest posts on Dinner Cruise Dubai.  He is passionate about travelling and has a huge fan following.

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