6 Top Caravan Accessories That You Should Purchase

A caravan can stand for many different things. Most of us associate a caravan with long lines of people and animals travelling across deserts. This practice still continues today and forms an important part of life for the nomads.

Caravan Mobile Home - 6 Top Caravan Accessories That You Should Purchase

Caravan today also can mean a special category of vehicles. These typically have a large body that can house the provisions of a room. Caravans are known by a variety of names; recreational vehicles, camper and trailer are some of them. They resemble small houses and are popular in the southern states of U.S.

Uses of a Caravan

  • As a mobile home – Several families, especially in natural hazard prone areas prefer not to reside in static houses. Instead, they make a mobile house that can be carried around easily. The practice has gained popularity along the east coast of U.S. where hurricanes are frequent.
  • Mobile clinics – In developing nations, medical facilities are largely inadequate, especially in the remote parts. In such cases, caravans make an ideal mechanism to dispense medical setups to those areas.
  • Recreational activities – People like to go on long drives into remote areas. Such vehicles make it easy to take a shelter along as they hit the road. Recreational vehicles are used for road trips and wilderness exploration expeditions.

Types of Accessories for your Caravan

While talking on the subject of caravan accessories, there are certain things that are hard to miss. Of course, there can be hundreds of possible things that you can purchase for your caravan, but here 6 of the most important ones have been described.

  • Spare tin of gasoline: You may never know when you run out of gas. Though the indicator tells about the amount of gasoline in your fuel tank, several times the nearest filling station would be several miles away. Such cases can lead to helpless situations and a gallon of fuel would be great.
  • Tarpaulin: A rain sheet can be of great help in a caravan. Many a time, leakages may occur on the roof. You may even have to carry a tent for camping outside the caravan.
  • Fire extinguisher: It does not have to be large. Even a small canister of dry chemical type fire extinguisher can be useful in dozing out fires.
  • Leveler: Not every time would you find a perfect surface to park you vehicle as large as a home. It would be essential at times to level and create your ground before you make a stop.
  • Window screens: Caravan commonly has windows. Through these, insects can enter you vehicle. It would be wise to have a wire net or some sort of screen to prevent their entry.
  • Tire locks: Tire locks are used to hold the tires in stationary position while you go for your night time sleep. These would not cause a significant dent in your wallet but can be a boon on slippery slopes and moist soil.

Taking Care of the Accessories

Purchasing the required accessories for your caravan is great but it is not the only thing that you need to do. From time to time, you will need to clean them or replace certain parts to keep them in great shape and effective working condition.

  • Find a proper place to store the accessories in the caravan. This can serve duel purposes. First, it keeps them safe. Secondly, it is easier to retrieve them if you know its place.
  • Caravan accessories require regular refilling and checking. For example, fire extinguishers require regular replacing of their reactants. Similarly, jacks need to be kept properly oiled and smooth.
  • The age old practice of regularly cleaning your belongings applies here as well.

This article has been written for reader to get some information about caravan accessories. If you want to know more, you can contact eTime to get more useful information.

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