7 Essentials For A Successful Family Camping Adventure

There’s too much waste in the world as it is and unfortunately, many people will go camping and generate more trash in a weekend than they would at home. If you plan to take the family camping, make it a camping “adventure” instead of a camping “trip.” Low impact camping concepts can make the trip more enjoyable and a lot cleaner. The following are seven essentials for an awesome adventure:

Family Camping Adventure

1. Lightweight, easily assembled tent.

In camping, light weight generally means higher quality. You don’t have to have tons of square footage in your tent, so don’t go crazy. A four person tent is designed to hold four people, plus gear.

2. Filtered Water Bottles.

Save yourself the frustration of carrying along a pump, iodine tablets, etc. If you’re going canoeing or to a place close to water, get a stainless filtered water bottle, so you can drink purified water right away. A must have!

3. Sleeping bag rated for your season.

Sleeping bags are rated to different temperatures. Some are designed for summer, winter and moderate temperatures in between. Remember to base this on the nighttime low temperatures.

4. Plan your meals for camping.

Don’t eat like you do at home. You aren’t at home and so you should eat differently. Plan simple meals that don’t require multiple pots or pans. Don’t plan meals that involve food that’s more difficult to cook either.

5. Compact your trash.

When you absolutely must throw something away, make it as small as possible. Make a game of trying to see how small you can get your trash at each meal. This teaches conservation skills to your kids and is applicable at home and in the wilderness.

6. Use a stainless steel camp cup.

Stainless steel is the way to go for dishes. They are extremely easy to clean and don’t trap a lot of germs. Dip in boiling water and you’re set. You can eat your meals out of the cup mostly and use your water bottle to drink.

7. Leave your campsite better than you found it.

It should go without saying that we have to be good stewards of the land. When you camp and take advantage of the outdoors, make sure you leave it as if you hadn’t been there at all.

These seven essentials can help to make your camping adventure very clean and productive. It’s a great way to teach you kids about responsible citizenship and how to enjoy nature in general.

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