8 most amazing European tourist spots to explore

Europe is home to a number of great cities, attractions, amusement parks and some of the best beaches in the world. There are more historic sites in this continent than in any other place in the world. Everyone wants to visit Europe at least one in their life and experience the beauty and magic of this amazing place. There are extraordinary landscapes and people who will floor with their charm and graceful attitude. There are far too many options for a tourist in Europe but there at least 8 places which you must never miss while touring this continent. Let us explore these beautiful places –

Louvre Museum
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1) Louvre Museum, France
This one of the most revered cultural attractions in France and in Europe, in particular. There are more than thousand art pieces on display including the famous Mona Lisa. You can spend an entire day here gazing at the beautiful creations. The most interesting exhibit is the Napoleon’s Apartment exhibit. There are also Egyptian antiquities in display which will impress even a non-history buff.

2) Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
This is a stunning place in Switzerland which looks trapped in time with a fair share of mountains, springs and waterfalls. The place is very popular among those who love skiing and is enclosed by many small villages. Travelers say this Lauterbrunnen is not only one of the most amazing places in Europe but it surely deserves a spot among the top 20 tourist spots in the world for its untouched, pristine beauty.

3) Royal National Theater, London
When you are touring Europe, you just cannot miss watching a show in 8 most amazing European tourist spots to expolre. The Royal National Theater in London is a very popular place where everyone can enjoy and it is home to number of famous classics and musicals that the whole family can enjoy.

Hallstatt, Austria
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4) Hallstatt, Austria
This is a quaint little town located just across the lake and very close to a train station. The place is actually between Vienna and Salzburg and is regarded as a perfect place for relaxation and rejuvenating your body before exploring the big cities. The oldest salt mine in the world is located here and there are a number of spots where one can fish.

5) Charles Bridge, Czech Republic
This is a really amazing walk-through bridge in Europe and one of the most visited tourist spots in Prague. The place is ideal for taking some really good pictures of the Prague Castle and during the high season the bridge becomes very crowded indeed. There are street vendors who sell beautiful paintings and you can buy one to take it home as a souvenir.

6) Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen is a fascinating Scandinavian city which receives a large number of tourists every year. There are some amazing sights like Tivoli Gardens, Hamlet’s statue and the awe-inspiring Little Mermaid statue. There are a number of museums and art galleries too that are frequented by visitors. You can hire a bike too to roam around this fascinating city.

Florence, Italy
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7) Florence, Italy
If you are a connoisseur of art then you must come to Florence which boasts a huge number of art galleries. The Pont D’Vecchio Bridge is a famous tourist attraction here which is revered for its beautiful architecture and the every busy jewelry market.

8) Cornwall, England
Cornwall is one of the most sought after tourist spots in Europe. This British seaside retreat is well known for its fishing villages, the popular beaches and of course, the house of King Arthur. Many people flock here to sample the dishes at the fish restaurants and to sip a cup of fine tea at one of the many tea shops.

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