9 Awesome Things to Do On Your Trip to Bali

Bali is one of the most visited places in the world and has consistently won awards as the best destination for tourists. It is simply a paradise on earth. Bali is known for its art, traditional and modern dance, metalwork, music and beaches. All this combined makes it a perfect destination for your holiday. You will enjoy your stay in Bali as you will get to see their spiritual and unique culture, enjoy world class surfing, watch their beautifully maintained historical architecture and lush green forests. Read on to explore Bali in detail.

Seminyak Bali - 9 Awesome Things to Do On Your Trip to Bali

Enjoy A Spa Day At AMO
Believe me, it gets hectic when you go on a holiday, especially if you are so excited to visit every place that you forget to take care of yourself. You will find a number of salons that give spa and beauty treatments. Take some time out and relax at the day spa Bali, it’s one of the most famous spas in Bali. They have a variety of spa options you can choose from. Book your slot online or directly walk into one of their outlets and relax your body and mind, before you get ready for your next adventure.

Enjoy a Quad Biking Adventure
Bali quad are the most famous and most highly acclaimed quad biking operators in Bali. You can go for a 2-hour ride and explore the rice fields, mountains, bamboo forests and villages. Before you hop-on the vehicle the professional guides will give you some safety tips and briefing and they guide you through some of the terrains of the rice paddies, local villages and deserted beaches.

Enjoy The Greenery of Tegallalang Rice Terraces
Ubud is famous for its beautiful rice fields. The rice fields expand along the mountains and valley. It gives an adventurous experience when you walk between terraced fields. The location is cool and breezy. If you are not in a mood to walk along the field, there are a number of cafes and restaurants along the roadside. You can enjoy the view while you dine or sip hot coffee. Do take a camera with you to click photos. Local shops on the roadside sell woven hats made of coconut leaves. Buy one (if you wish), it’s quite a piece of work they do with the leaves. And if you don’t know how to get there, rent one of the 3 bedroom villas in Seminyak from Hu’u Villas since they have a rental car facility, and can easily arrange a tour.

Dine in a Fine Restaurant
Bali has a large variety of food for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Rock your taste buds at one of the best Seminyak restaurants – Sea Vu Play – also one of the best places to enjoy the nightlife of Bali. They have a large variety of seafood options mixed with spices, vegetables and meat. Do have a bite of Lawar, it’s made with chopped coconut, garlic, chilly, with pork or chicken meat. This amazing Balinese cuisine is sure to impress your taste buds.

Affordable Bali Villas You Can Stay At
There are many cheap Bali Villas, you can choose from to spend your holiday. The villas are clean, bright and airy and will give you a pleasant experience throughout your stay in Bali. The best part of spending your holiday in Bali is when you get tired after enjoying an adventurous trip and sightseeing, all you need is an alone time, a private pool and soft bed. Well, yes Bali Villas and More has all that at an affordable price, so you do not have to think much about your budget.

Praise The Beauty Of Kintamani And Mount Batur
The Kintamani volcano or Mount Batur is one of the most famous Bali attractions you may not want to miss. Mount Batur is surrounded by the 13-square kilometer Batur lake. The dark lava and black molten rocks on the lush green mountain give it an astonishing view. You will be able to see the view from a distance when you pass through the villages near Batur Lake. The villagers use the lake for fishing and it is the main source for irrigation in farms. The Kintamani area has very fertile soil. It is understood as you see large fruit trees and crop fields there. If you are lucky you may see farmers harvesting the crops and vegetables from the farms and preparing it to in the city. Kintamani is a large producer of bamboo. Choose your best route with Bali tour packages from Bali Tours and More.

Other enticing options of things to do on your Bali holiday include:

  • Combine the power of the wind with the power of the waves with a kite surfing session.
  • Join the monkeys in their home at the Ubud Monkey Forest
  • Witness sunrise from the summit of Mount Batur
  • Fly above the waves with a parasailing session.

Enjoy The Gili Islands
How are the Gili Islands? you might ask yourself. In the jewel-blue water of the sea, you will find turtles and other sea animals floating beneath the water. The Gili boat the Patagonia Xpress leaves Bali every day. It’s the newest fast boat with departures every morning from Benoa and Padangbai. You’ll be welcomed on board by an experienced and friendly crew and you can be sure that with all the latest safety equipment, you’re in safe hands for the journey. Enjoy the trip in the air conditioned saloon, or on the deck, and you’ll soon be relaxing with your favorite drink in tropical paradise.

Enjoy Bali at a luxurious stay
You’ve booked your tickets to Bali and now you’re thinking what type of accommodations you should choose. How about 5 star hotels in Seminyak Bali? Imagine enjoying one of the best cocktails by the pool, while having the best company around. With huge rooms and a luxurious vibe, you have endless possibilities when it comes to choosing accommodation in Bali. Bali Hotels and More helps you get your best wish accomplished according to your budget and dates. Just think of how the perfect place would look like for you and you’ll have it sooner than you think!

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