9 Contemporary Monuments around the World to Inspire Creativity

The following list contains 9 spot-on contemporary monuments around the world that just boosts creativity in one’s mind.


Jerusalem: Dome of the Rock

Caliph Abd al-Makik created the gorgeous octagonal building in Jerusalem. It was created during the years of 687 until 691 but was finalized around 1561. The Dome of the Rock signified as an inspirational artistic endeavor for over a millennium. The colors of the dome are certainly mesmerizing to look at.

United States of America, New York City: Expansion by Paige Bradley 

This monument is certainly inspiring to look at. It is a formation of a woman doing a normal yoga pose with a shining or glimmering crack along her body. If it is looked on deeply, it may symbolize a person who is doing her normal mundane activities but is broken inside.

The Knotted Gun

United States of America, New York: The Knotted Gun 

The sole meaning of this statue may depict how people are against the use of guns, thus, twisting the overall gun itself due to the reason how gun embodies death.

Singapore: People of the River by Chong Fah Cheong

Seeing this monument in Singapore may portray the life of some children in the world. Going into the body of water signifies their happiness, even in the littlest sense and where some bodies of water are even infected as well. It embodies a contradicting feeling – both happiness and sadness at the same time.


Iceland, Reykjavik: The Unknown Official

At first glance, you can easily understand what this monument represents. It shows the struggles of an employed person. The weight of the problems they face is as heavy as a huge rock.

Turkey, Eceabat: Scene from the World War with Real-size statues 

The World War has greatly impacted the world in many ways. There is a statue in Turkey where it showed a brief scene in during a war.

Nelson Mandela

South Africa: Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela has inspired millions of people all around the world due to his mind and speeches. His homeland made him a tribute of creating a monument in respect to this individual.

Spain, Barcelona: La Pedrera 

Antoni Gaudi created this unique infrastructure in Barcelona for his approach on the Art Nouveau movement. It is even recognized as a World Heritage site in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The Kaaba

Saudi Arabia, Mecca: The Kaaba

Known as a cultural and holy place is the Kaaba, meaning cube in Arabic. There was even news that there were floating rocks in the place. The size has about 627 square feet, a definite place of worship in the country and a beautiful monument to go to.

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