A guide to the Gold Coast’s major Theme Parks

The Gold Coast has the best theme parks Australia has to offer. So once you’ve booked your accommodation, you may want to consider which ones if not all, you and your family should visit. Here, we’ve listed the main points about each theme park, so you can pick the best ones that suit the types of activities you and your family enjoy most:

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  • Sea World- Sea World, of course sounds like what it is. A wonderful place to get up close with the creatures of the sea. There is a ‘Shark Bay’ where you can get up close with sharks and other types of marine life. Sea World is also home to Australia’s only polar bears, which are a must see. There are some wonderful seal shows to watch and you can even book to swim with the dolphins. On top of all of this, the park also has Australia’s very first triple loop Corkscrew roller coaster which is guaranteed to get the blood pumping!
  • Movie World- Movie World is a theme park full of all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and Warner Bros. Go on some amazing rides like the Escape and Batwing, meet your favourite stars, check out a stunt car show and finish off with a live performance from all your favourite Looney Tunes all in one visit!
  • Dream World-For the ultimate in extreme rides you can’t go past Dream World. The Giant Drop, Tower of Terror, Cyclone, Wipeout and Thunderbolt are some of the tallest and fastest rides in the world and are a must for the thrill seeker. The park also has lots to offer wildlife lovers. At Tiger Island you can meet their seven Bengal Tigers. Or if you really want to get up close and personal you can also cuddle a koala, get close to a crocodile, pat a kangaroo and even shear a sheep at their Creek Farm Show!
  • Wet’n’Wild- Wet’n’Wild is great for water babies and has areas for all ages. There are heaps of exciting huge slides and leisure pools too for relaxing. The Mammoth Plunge, Mammoth River Ride and Terror Canyon II are just some of the daring thrill rides the park offers. This is a great place to visit year round as the pools and the slides are heated when the weather cools down. For a great day of fun in the water you can’t beat Wet’n’Wild- the whole family will love it.

Depending on which theme parks you wish to visit, there are heaps of great family package deals available so make sure you do some research and find out what deal is best for you. Also many of the hotels offer shuttle services to surrounding attractions such as the theme parks so it may be a good idea to enquire about this on your arrival.

I hope our summary of the four major theme parks on the Gold Coast has given you some insight into the different fun activities they all offer, and which ones will be enjoyed most by your family, the next time you take a trip to the Gold Coast.

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