A Jolly Holiday: Tips On sparing Fun In India

India is a large country with so much diversity that it can give some travelers a cultural shock. The visitors can get surprised at richness of land, exotic beauty and magnificent architecture. However, like all places, this country too has a messy side. It would be proper to be reasonably aware of customs, religion, local laws and culture. Some tips are mentioned here to make your trip enjoyable.

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Visas And Vaccination

If you are visiting India as a traveler, above issues should be sorted out in the beginning itself. If stay is being extended you should immunize against different diseases such as typhoid, hepatitis, malaria and tetanus as these are prevailing in India. Passport should be carried at all times.

Watch Your Food And Drink

Mostly first timers suffer from tummy rumblings because of difference in food as Indian food is heavy. Always drink bottled water. Do not eat raw food particularly from streets, vegetables and fruits which cannot be peeled by you. Indian food should be tried gradually.


Unless already familiar with Indian roads, do not drive. Train, Air or bus tickets should be bought through tour operators or authorized agents. Avoid touts and taxis at the airport/bus stand/station. Preferably auto rickshaw and taxi should be hired from pre-paid booths. Long distances should be covered by train in A C sleeper.

Dress Conservatively

If you are a female, you should dress modestly because India has modest culture and believes in covering legs and arms. Indians are normally forgiving of people not familiar with Indian culture. You could create good impact by removing shoes before entering sacred places or somebody’s house.

Avoid Burnout

Visitors coming first time to India get tired soon mainly because they try too much in too little time. India is a big and colorful country and your visit should have realistic expectations regarding how much could be seen.

travel tips - A Jolly Holiday: Tips On sparing Fun In India

Get Out Of India

Get out of over populated cities and visit smaller villages and you would know real India and enjoy famous hospitality of Indian urbanite.

Be Prepared For Noise

Indians are loud in public by nature and you will hear lot of noise on roads. For having some quiet time, you use set of air phone for shutting surrounding din.

Avoid Deals Which Seem Too Good

Do not get attracted toward deals, which appear to be too good for being true. The best way would be to make purchases from government shops.

Money Exchange

If your stay is long account should be opened. Most places accept Visa credit card and Master Cards. Carry sufficient account and then draw from ATMs regularly.

Stay Safe

Avoid carrying too much cash and also avoid heated arguments and make sure you do not get irritated. Do not go alone on dark streets and always have known company with you.

Medical Emergencies

Though good hospitals are available, you should carry small first aid kit.

Single Women Traveler

You should use discretion when interacting with people. In smaller towns, try to opt for homestays because the hosts will provide you security and help.

Author Bio: Article is contributed By Nitin Singh, who is a writer of coupondekho and Makemytrip coupons for flights.

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