A Traveler’s Guide to Antigua

If you’re planning to apply for Antiguan residency, be sure to know the history of the place for your ease. So read all the above information comprehensively.

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Antigua, also known as Wadadli is a West Indian island, located in the Caribbean region. The Spanish meaning of Antigua is “ancient” however; the name was given by Christopher Columbus. In contrast, Wadadli means “our own” which comes from native Indian colony. Dozens of visitors from all over the globe come to enjoy sandy beaches and jaw dropping scenic. All those who wish to seek Antigua passport & citizenship should learn in detail about the detail.

An In-depth Look

The capital city of Saint John which is situated in the North-West has a population above 31,000. It has an enormous harbor that can accommodate a vast array of cruise ships. Occupants of the city are mostly Saints and Liberta. The infamous English harbor located on the South-East coast is renowned to have such protective shelter that can withstand even the toughest storms.

Nelson’s Dockyard”, one of the British colonial naval station named after Captain Horatio Nelson is a prime tourist attraction. Both, the harbor and surrounding village of Falmouth are major yachting and sailing destinations also having several shops. World class Regatta is held each year by the end of April and start of May that features outstanding sailing competition and vessels. Get an Antigua passport today if you wish to enjoy all the events.

The Fiscal System

The entire island has luxurious beaches with relishing resorts for ultimate Caribbean retreat. Single airport serves as a nerve center for all major international and domestic flights. The US Air Force has established a small base, being a part of Eastern Range near to the airport. From here, space missions and outbound communication is maintained. Travel and tourism are major sources to heighten the fiscal system.

Besides this, there has been a rapid growth in medical schools and institutions that also helps to boost the economy. “University of Health Sciences Antigua”, “American University of Antigua” and “College of Medicine” have some of the most skilled doctors.

Blast from the Past – A Look at Early Antiguans

Before Columbus stepped on Antigua in 1492 being the first British, early colonies involved Ciboney, Arawak Indians and Carib. The Arawaks played a vital role in developing the island and its economy and this particular colony were the first to be documented. They also introduced the agricultural system of Antigua, harvesting crops especially “Black Pineapple”. After the arrival of Caribs, they moved towards Venezuela, known earlier as the island of Canoe.

Food Products - A Traveler’s Guide to Antigua

Popular Food Products

The Arawak cultivated such food items which are most common nowadays. These are; corn, sweet potatoes, guava and chili peppers. Apart from this, other refined products include tobacco and cotton which are also exported to several states. There’re some cuisines that have travelled from Arawak and are renowned among modern European colonies like steamed dumpling prepared from sweet potatoes, sprinkled with flour, herbs and spices.

Prominent Sports

As Antigua is a part of West Indies, major sport is cricket. Some of the most remarkable players of West Indian team are Sir Vivian Richards and Brian Lara. The Cricket World Cup 2007 was hosted in Antigua on a recreational ground situated in the north side of the island. Apart from cricket, other sports are soccer ball, yacht regatta and kite surfing.


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