An Article About Family Holidays In Hughada, Egypt

Hurghada, Egypt is becoming one of Egypt’s fast-growing and popular tourist areas. It is located on the coast of the Red Sea and since the 1980s has grown as a holiday destination. The coastline of the Hurghada resort area stretches for more than 20 miles on the Red Sea in the area known as the Red Sea Riviera. This area has become a very popular tourist destination in recent years due to its moderate climate, unspoiled coral reefs, warm waters, and bustling activities in the city.

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Hurghada has become a key destination for Europeans and other international travelers. There are numerous outdoor and leisure activities that are available for families visiting on holiday in Hurghada, Egypt. These activities include sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, boating, golfing, fishing, and biking. The amazing coral reefs off the shore of Hurghada are popular with snorkelers and divers that enjoy the uniqueness of the underwater organisms. The reefs continue to garner rave reviews from divers that have discovered the area. For those who choose not to dive, there are glass-bottomed boats that give passengers an up-close view of the reefs and the sea life below the surface. Also available is an excursion on a submarine that provides an underwater view of the reefs.

The beaches of Hurghada cater to families and older guests that enjoy the sun and sand as well as the warm waters of the Red Sea. New resorts and facilities are being developed to cater to the growing crowds of visitors to Hurghada. There are numerous luxury hotels, inexpensive hotels, vacation rentals, and resorts to cater to every level of traveler. These facilities offer excellent service that is indicative of the Egyptian hospitality that strives to meet all the needs of their guests. Some of the resorts are all-inclusive and that gives the guests the option of enjoying their stay without every having to leave their selected resort.

Hurghada’s night life draws crowds seeking entertainment and activities at the various bars, pubs, and nightclubs found along the main thoroughfare. Discos, restaurants, shops, and other establishments offer tourists a bevy of entertainment options that last well into the night. Many of the hotels have discos that cater to those wanting to dance and go clubbing. Karaoke bars and sports bars are plentiful in Hurghada and are favored by young and old. The coastal city seems to thrive at night and this has made the city a top choice as a partying destination. For shopping opportunities, there are a variety of shops selling souvenirs, clothing, shoes, and other items. These establishments can be found in the bazaar and along the main street of Hurghada.

While Hurghada does not offer much authentic Egyptian culture similar to that found in other parts of Egypt, there are still opportunities to venture inland from the coastal areas to experience Egypt holidays. Camel rides and quad-bikes are available for travel into the desert areas. However, Hurghada’s main draws will continue to be the beaches and the underwater aquatic activities. These attractions will continue to establish Hurghada’s reputation as the prime destination on Egypt’s Red Sea coast.

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