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Spain is a country with exceptionally beautiful terrains: mountains, seas, islands and cities. It has a culture that dates back centuries. You can find all the luxuries of the modern life as well the charm of the old world. Even the accommodation available in Spain is on a class of its own and has a lot of variety.

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Do you want to stay in a unique place? You are invited to discover the inns of Spain. These are remarkable structures, whether through their architecture, their history dating back several centuries, or their location in beautiful natural areas. You’ll find all the comfort and excellent service of a 4-star hotel. In recent years, the inns have become an offer of ideal accommodation.

Apart from the tranquility and charm that emanate from their walls, they can help you discover an important part of the art, nature and folklore of Spain as well as the Spanish food, which occupies a privileged place in these establishments, which are generally small and very welcoming. Several Spanish regions exhibit this type of accommodation. In Aragon, Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha, the offer of quality accommodation is the subject of a special promotion.

Medieval monasteries, old palaces, convents, homes, buildings of traditional architecture, old barns and old mills are some of the buildings which have been converted into inns. Many of them are real architectural gems which have been rehabilitated, where tradition is associated with modernity and the comforts of the twenty-first century. Imagine spending a night in the monastery of Rueda, 70 km from Zaragoza, one of the Cistercian monasteries as well as one of the most important monasteries in Europe. Or how about sleeping in an almazara (oil mill) masterfully restored in the Jerte valley in Caceres? Or how about settling down for the night in a sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de Tejeda in the province of Cuenca? All this and much more is possible in the inns that you will come across in Spain.

There are also other, much more recently built accommodations in beautiful places, which also offer excellent service, facilities perfect in every detail, personalized professional attention and excellent value for money. But staying at the inns is the ultimate original alternative for discovering Spain. And there’s more: the list of activities in which you can participate at these inns is vast. It ranges from walks and bike riding to adventure sports, excursions and tours, riding all-terrain vehicles, fishing, Turkish baths, gourmet tastings and concerts. There is even the possibility of holding business meetings and corporate conventions at the inns. You will have so many choices that you won’t know what to pick!

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