Activities to do at one of the amusement and leisure parks in Burgundy

Do you want to have more fun and less stress? Or your children want to play? You can head to Burgundy. If you are planning to find leisure and activities or just a place to unwind, hereafter you can find them. In the event you will visit one of the theme parks below, you will get a great day out.



This amusement park is located in the heart of the Côte Chalonnaise, near the Voie Verte. If you are looking for something different in terms of activities, you should go there. Visitors can enjoy obstacle and climbing courses, given the fact it offers 24 tree-based obstacle courses. Besides, if you are looking for athletic challenges, this park would be the best one. There are also over 200 aerial games for children. And larger families can have a picnic and eat snacks there.

Florida Parc

There are so many great things to do and so many attractions at this park. There is a river where you can get the opportunity to take pictures. If you have kids, they can ride bicycles around this park. On top of that, there are nice playgrounds and dodgems for the little ones. Moreover, you can find mini train, mini golf and boats for your child. Adults can uncover animals as there are so much to see there. Thus, there is plenty for little one teenager and adults alike.


With amazing wildlife, you will spend a memorable time at this Touropark. There are more than 140 different species that you can find. These include: turtles, monkeys, giraffes, pandas and so on. There is also a range of leisure activities you can do, including a small train, a monorail, and a roller coaster. You can even go on a water ride there. Therefore, there is so much to do for families, so why don’t you go there?

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