Adventuress Africa – Harare & Lagos

Africa is a renowned tourist destination mostly because of the exposure to wildlife and the great safari experiences. However, little do we know that Africa does have a couple of highly advanced and developed cities such as Harare and Lagos. Harare – formerly known as Salisbury – is the capital of Zimbabwe and the seat of the government. It is the centre of Zimbabwe’s major activities and the source of its strength. Lagos is a Nigerian port city with the country’s highest concentration of population.

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There is a multitude of activities waiting for you in Harare, with different magnitudes, depending on your mood. If you’re in the mood for shopping; visit the Doon Estate Design Quarter, located in the Msasa Industrial area. This little shopping village is a must visit  for travelers hunting for good quality souvenirs, the collective of shops selling a range of locally handmade jewelry, furniture, fabric, arts & crafts, and sculpture. Don’t miss Ros Byrne’s beautiful handmade pottery, Kudhinda’s potato printed fabrics, the hot chocolate at Veldemeer’s chocolate shop, or the vervet monkeys running across the roofs.

Visit Lake Chivero, just 30 minutes out of town. The perfect spot for some weekend downtime. It’s a favorite for getting family and friends together for some lakeside barbecue, beers and banter, but you can also game drive or fish if you’re into it.

The nightlife is just as exciting: visit The Red Bar for a relaxed and mature crowd. Red Bar is one of the only places in town that has a more mixed cosmopolitan vibe. It’s also one of the only places in town which seems to have a design concept, being industrially themed with exposed concrete and steel, minimal fittings, and obviously lots of red.

The famous National Gallery is must visit if you want to experience some true African heritage and culture. The Gallery is the hub of contemporary African & Zimbabwean art and also features some masterpieces by world famous artists.

A tour to Africa is incomplete without an African Wildlife Safari. The Zimbabwe Discovery is the ultimate African Safari with a mix of wild life, scenery and Culture. Different options are available as to the type of safari you want; however, luckily they all start at the Great Victoria Falls!

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Lagos, by many, is considered to be the pride of Africa. The city is a major tourist magnet that receives visitors from all over the world, all round the year. There are several destinations here that one cannot afford to miss. The Nigerian National Museum is one such place. The museum has a notable collection of Nigerian art, including pieces of statuary and carvings and archaeological and ethnographic exhibits. Of note is a terracotta human head from Jemaa (circa 900 to 200 BC), part of the Nok culture.

A visit to the Silverbird Galleria, for one complete day, is highly recommended. The Silverbird Galleria is a one stop shopping center with many modern shopping facilities. It is a relaxation center with the very best of entertainment and lifestyle services on offer.

A vacation is incomplete if you don’t visit a beach. A suggested beach is the Oniru Private Beach. The opportunity to ride horses and swim in the Atlantic Ocean, though not everyone’s idea of an outdoor activity is still worth the trouble.

The city has so much to offer that words fall short. So I suggest you book your cheap flights to Harare from London whenever you can.

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