Alaskan Wilderness – 5 Best Trails To Bike Up North

Alaska – the wild and untamed north. This state isn’t usually thought of as a great place for trail riding due to its remote location and extreme weather conditions, but these very features make it perfect for adventure. With some of the most breathtaking natural beauty to be found anywhere in the world, Alaska is the perfect place to go and get away from it all, just you, your dirt bike, and the rugged trails.

Bald Mountain

1. Bald Mountain Trail

This rugged, 22 mile trail is perfect for the rider seeking a varied and diverse area to ride. Set in the forests of Alaska, this trail is perfect for novices and amateurs seeking to gain a bit more experience before taking on more advanced trails. With 2700 feet of elevation climb, a rider isn’t likely to encounter anyone else on their ride. Starting from Solitude Street (that says a bit about how remote this area is), the trail takes nearly a full day to ride, as certain parts may be muddy and require caution.

2. Quartz Creek Trail

This trail sits on the path of the old mining trail whose name it bears. With camp grounds located at several locations, set aside plenty of time for this location. It’s a bit hazardous, offering steep switchbacks, but still a good trail for novice and amateur riders, though it does hold appeal for experts. At 16 miles long and with just over 500 ft of elevation change, be careful of the drop.

3. Petersville Road

Another trail piggy backing off Alaska’s mining tradition, Petersville Road is a great ATV trail that is great for beginners and sight seers more interested in the natural beauty of the area than the adventure of it all. Take along a camera for this ride; you won’t regret it. At 30 miles long, this trail is a great scenic route for those looking to take it easy.

4. Knik Glacier Trail

A more advanced trail than the others listed, the Knik Glacier trail climbs from 60 to 300 ft along its 22 miles of track, offering many gorgeous vistas and equally as many hazards. More suited for experts than beginners, this trail requires at least an entire day’s stay and several water crossings that make it more dangerous than others.

5. Crown Point Mine Trail

Another trail more suited for scenery than getting psyched, the Crown Point Mine Trail is 10 miles long with many scenic views and easy riding. While not as smooth as asphalt, this trail is less rocky than most and is great for those unfamiliar with ATVs.

No matter your preference, whether you like the easy trail or the untamed excursion, Alaska has something for everyone at any level of experience with ATVs or dirt bikes. So strap on your motocross goggles because a world of adventure awaits!

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