Amalfi Coast – Perfect holiday destination in Italy

Mountain bliss and picturesque view, Amalfi Coast is one of the beautiful coastlines that stretch from Positano to Vietri sul Mare in southern Italy. This beautiful place is located in the Mediterranean climate region that witness warm summers and mild winters. The diverse culture, treating blue-green water, vast landscape makes Amalfi Coast a perfect destination for your holiday.

Amalfi Coast


Amalfi Coast was ruled by the Salerno and then by the Republic of Pisa in 1137. Once Italy got united, Amalfi started becoming one of the great tourist attractions and also saw a drastic change in its economical condition. Amalfi is also known for its rich culture and mesmerizing scenic beauty and in 1997, it earned the renowned title and was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a cultural landscape. This coast is considered to be an important trading centre since the Arabs and Egyptians came together for business.

If you are planning for a peaceful holiday, Amalfi Coast is just the perfect destination for you. Moreover, you can plan your dream wedding along the sea side of this coast and make your special occasion even more special and memorable. This destination inherits some of the great historic places and offers excellent food taste and hospitality that you look forward during your holiday. You can visit attractive places such as museums, church, and landscapes and capture all your memories with your camera and cherish them later.

Must-see Places

One of the popular places in this coast is the Cathedral (church of St. Antonio and the Convent of St. Francesco), which is considered to be a masterpiece of architecture. Based on the ancient art form, Cathedral is a must visit place for everyone who visits Amalfi Coast. You can also visit the Museo Civico museum, which is located in the town and is quite famous for its unique style. Besides, this museum is well known for a book that comprises 66 chapters related only to law. Another attractive destination is the Port Della Marina, which is the oldest door and you just can’t afford visiting this place.

If you are a water lover, you can enjoy the boat ride to Grotta dello Sameraldo and capture the scenic beauty in your eyes that will take you to the world of fantasy. The eye-catching views and amazing beauty of landscape will make you feel relax and take away all the worries from your life for a moment. It is a great and amazing place to enjoy your evening near the river side.

Amalfi Coast integrates many small towns that have their unique culture and monuments. What’s interesting about these monuments is that every building has a different color, shape, and mood. In addition, the churches are the perfect place to spend your afternoon peacefully that has marvellous statues and columns and all decorated with mosaic. The most suitable period to visit this place is during the summers as you can enjoy your day in the beaches.

One of the greatest attractions of this coast is the Paper Museum and the paper making which is an important tradition since 1700. The lemon liqueur, the limoncello is something that you just can’t miss out during your stay in the coast and also taste some of the traditionally cooked mouth-watering dishes to celebrate your evening.

Reaching Amalfi Coast

To reach Amalfi Coast, you can take a flight from Italy. If you want to enjoy a road trip, you can hire a car from Naples. What’s more, if your budget is tightly packed, you can travel by bus that takes you to Amalfi Coast or catch a train from Salerno.

Amalfi Coast Rentals

Stay has never been a problem in this coast as many luxurious hotels have been setup to make your holiday perfect and hassle-free. You can rent holiday villas or apartment that offers amazing hospitality and comfort, making you forget your stress and get rid of the city noise for few days. These villas are just perfect to spend some luxurious and precious time with your loved one. You can also enjoy breath-taking views from the balcony. You can just sit by the window with a glass of wine and enjoy your evening and dream around. You can opt for apartments or villas that suits your budget the most and your requirements.

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