Amazing 10 Spring Break Destinations

Spring Break is a fun and exciting way to unwind for a vacation. People who go on spring break generally have a hard time deciding what destination they want to go on. Below is a list of the top 10 spring break destinations.


1) Cancun, Mexico: Cancun is a huge destination for spring break. Cancun plays host to some of the biggest spring break parties in the world. Worldwide media is always at the top spring break hot spots in Cancun. There are large selections of beaches, clubs, and party life.

2) Miami, Florida: Miami, also known as South Beach, has it all. Celebrities, beaches, bars, clubs, and water activities are common in Miami. Top rated celebrity parties and media is also a big attraction.

3) Bahamas: The Bahamas is a great area that has great climate, scenery, beaches, clubs, and many other attractions. The Bahamas is a very common spring break destination with great reviews.

4) Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: Punta Cana has UN believable beaches and beach attractions. Spring Breakers will also enjoy all the parties that go on in the area because of the energy that comes out of Punta Cana.

5) Panama City Beach, Florida: Panama City Beach is considered by many journalists as one of the top spring break attractions in the world. Businesses in the area cater to spring breakers and many celebrities have performed on the beach to promote a fun atmosphere.

6) Acapulco, Mexico: Acapulco is a great place and offers a wide variety of things to do. Acapulco is great for not only college age kids, but it also is beneficial for the older crowed. Acapulco has miles and miles of great clear water beaches that offer great entertainment. The board walks also include many tourist areas for spring breakers.

7) Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: Cabo San Lucas is another great spring break destination in the Mexico area. Cabo San Lucas is very similar to Cancun. The destination offers some of the greatest restaurants, beaches, and clubs in the world.

8) Las Vegas, Nevada: Vegas sometimes doesn’t get the publicity for spring break destinations because there are no beaches in the area. However, Vegas offer spring breakers with countless attractions. Vegas offer some of the best casinos, shows, and restaurants in the world. Vegas also have outstanding hotels.

9) Montego Bay-Negril, Jamaica: Montego Bay has become a new spring break attraction for all ages. The beaches and water sports play a large role in making Montego one of the world’s top rated spring break areas.

10) London: London might not be a very common place for spring breakers, but it just might be a secret for an amazing spring break destination. London is not just a place for great place for theatre reviews but also a place filled with great things for spring breakers to do besides going to theatre in London. London offers spring breakers a different type of party.

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