Amazing Beaches Around Sri Lanka

For many people, Sri Lanka is a small island located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Asian continent. Though small, this island is home to some of the most glamorous and pristine beaches in the world. Sri Lanka has long golden beaches that are as gorgeous as the country itself. Located in a tropical climate, Sri Lanka does not have distinct wet seasons. This implies that Sri Lankan beaches have different conditions throughout the year.

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When to visit the beaches

When planning to visit these beaches, it is important to establish the timing of the visit. Right timings provide quality experience. Some of the timings that you should take keen note of include the following.

  • December to April: if you are planning to visit Sri Lanka during these timings, the best beaches to visit are the southern or western beaches.
  • May to September: the eastern beaches offer excellent times during this time of the year.

Best Sri Lanka Beaches to visit

If you are looking for a beach holiday and you have already identified the right time, some of the best beaches to visit include the following.

  • Galle Beaches: Galle is an old port town that is famous for her excellent beaches. A sleepy port town that is surrounded with excellent beaches makes it perfect for exploring the local beaches alongside great shops and laid back bohemian vibe. These beaches have access to spectacular places to swim that are sheltered and safe most of the year. Some of the beaches of Unawatuna, Thalpe, and Wijiya offer a range of excellent accommodation and good food.
  • West coast beaches: These beaches that stretch from Colombo up to Galle are famous for their palm fringes. The Bentota Beach is the most famous beach in this region, having been designated as a tourist location from the early 70s. This location offers an array of activities that enliven your stay. Some of the activities include water sports, day trips and robust hotels and restaurants.
  • Deep South Beaches: These golden sandy beaches offer some of the best experiences. Some of the best beaches in this region include the Tangalle, located miles from the crowded and noisy west coast. Mawella is a fine beach that is in this region that is home to superb hotels that include Amanwel and the Buckingham Place.
  • The East Coast Beaches: this region has the best beaches for sea swimming. This region has plenty of hotel options for travellers. One outstanding fact is that there is plenty to see and do making it to be a brilliant beach destination. One of the most captivating beaches in this region is the famous Passekudah Bay. Though revered because of its wide and gently sloping bay, this fact makes it one of the safest swimming locations all year round.

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With its long coastline, you will be definitely spoilt for choice. However, you can only enjoy some of these pristine locations having secured a Sri Lanka Visa. This document will ensure that you experience some of the most spectacular beaches around the world.

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