An Exclusive Guide for You While Visiting New York City

The second in the series top places to visit in New York City continues with our choices to eat lunch after spending all your money on Fifth Ave. Sorry I never should have sent you down there. If hot dogs are not your thing but you still want traditional New York eats I’ve got some ideas.

New York Chinatown

So let’s head down to Katz Deli on the corner of Houston St and Ludlow St. The first thing you notice is a sign hanging from the ceiling that says “Send Salami to Your Boy in Army”. You could witness this since Second World War has started. As soon as you walk in they hand out a ticket to track your meal. Walk up to the counter and order your sandwich but be sure to hand the deli man an extra dollar tip, and he’ll make you a pastrami or corned beef sandwich big enough for three people. Top it off with a traditional cream soda and they’ll have to roll you home.

If you are still able to make it out of Katz Deli after eating that sandwich, you are within walking distance of Little Italy where you can walk the streets in complete safety and sample some traditional Italian pastries. If you are visiting in September be sure to visit Little Italy Feast of San Gennaro. In its 86th year feel transported back in time. This 10 day party has been a favorite of mine years. They have food and rides so bring the kids as well. At this point you are probably completely worn out. I would head back to the hotel for a siesta before the evening begins.

After your siesta you are now ready to for the night Check out the $10-for-five-shots special at the Continental Bar. Happy-hour special on Friday from noon to 7pm includes a free buffet of everything from Buffalo wings to hotdogs to fries. 106 E 19th St between Park Ave South and Irving Pl

By now it’s probably about 2 or 3 in the morning, and you’ve been partying all night, and you are hungry. So where do you go at that hour to grab a bite, and mix with like minded late nighters such as yourself? Get in a cab and grab some Chinese. But where’s the best Chinese in New York? Where else but in Chinatown, that’s right head over Wo Hops on Mott St between Chatham and Worth. Wo Hop has been a favorite of late nighters for four decades. They are open all night and the food is great and won’t break the bank.

This will give you a great start on what to do in New York, there’s more to do than I can list here, check my website for a list of hotels and to check airfare.

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