Are you ‘The Tourist’ or ‘The Traveler’?

Now that the hot summer season is at its peak, it comes off as no surprise that people are leaving their houses to go on a merry wonderful ride out of town (even out of the country) to spend the holidays as a much needed vacation.

Traveler - Are you ‘The Tourist’ or ‘The Traveler’?

We all but have that so called wanderlust in our hearts. We crave to explore the unknown and discover the sceneries that we have yet to run into and experience on our own, like I do when getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, bombarded with LED billboard advertisements in Manila, Philippines. But, if we may ask, how do you treat this outing as such? Are you going to be The Tourist or The Traveler? 

Many people have asked what makes the two different, or how does one identify if he or she is one or the other? In this article, we’ll be citing a few set of examples on how the two are different.

The Traveler

As a Traveler, you may be the type to naturally bask in the experience alone. As such, one would just go off on their own way to adventure and set their own pace of travel, and one who doesn’t pay mind to a specific set of itinerary to follow with. The Traveler will try to immerse himself/herself in the local sceneries and the culture for a few set of weeks, months even, and explore the less traveled location where tourism hasn’t yet put in the mainstream category. Their goals for a trip is learn the ethnicities that the journey has to offer.

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel - Are you ‘The Tourist’ or ‘The Traveler’?

The Tourist 

It’s easier to be a tourist than a traveler as some would say, because naturally the agenda of going on a vacation for most people is to sight-see different area and explore the local culture in a limited timeframe. A tourist follows a given set of direction to explore the local culture and the main attractions of the place. A tourist also sticks with a group of people or, if not, tends to stay within the boundaries of where the people are if he/she is travelling alone.

The biggest difference for these two is how they spend their time travelling. As mentioned above, travelers have no problem with overstepping their time limit, because they don’t set up for themselves whilst a tourist has at least a few weeks to achieve all their agendas on their itinerary.

In comparing these two, they also have few similarities and to name some are:

  • A tourist and a traveler would love to try all the native food from the places they visit and not just request some out the menu from catering services in Manila, which locals, like myself, am guilty of doing so. lol
  • Documenting all the places they have stepped foot on is also a priority, both travelers and tourists will always have a camera in hand for said documentation; the only difference is that a tourist will likely have a selfie stick with them.
  • Of course buying souvenirs is a must for every traveler and tourist, either it’s a small trinket or a few set of clothes, they will buy it to commemorate that they have traveled to that place.

So, which one are you? Do you consider yourself a traveler or a tourist? To sum it all up, a traveler will consider her experience a journey while a tourist will see it as a vacation.


Author Biography:

Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy) is a Communications Degree holder, currently working as a local Public Relations Officer and an online Marketing Representative for INEWVATIONS: LED digital advertising in the Philippines.

Thoroughly fascinated about travelling, leisure, and living the good life!

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