Arranging a Comprehensive Packing List for Cruise Vacations

Going on a cruise vacation with your loved one? There is no doubt about the fact that the mention of this holiday gives a thrilling feeling. Spending few days and nights on the luxurious cruise will give you an experience which you can cherish for the whole of your life. Going on a cruise vacation takes you to a new world altogether. You can enjoy all luxuries of life under one roof.

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One important thing to remember while preparing for a cruise vacation is the list of things that you need to pack. This packing list is little different from packing for other kinds of vacations. Here are some things that you must keep in mind while packing your bags for the cruising experience:

Important travel documents

The first things that you must pack carefully are the travel documents. These include the passports, permits and visas if any, vaccination cards (if required), photo identity cards and so on. If you are looking to renew passport or add new pages to old passport or get new passport for the cruise vacation, it is best to contact a passport expediting agency for the same. The agency can also help in cases of lost passport pr damaged passport. They can arrange for the documents within a minimum span of time. All the travel documents should be carried in the handbag so that even if the main luggage is late in coming, you have travel documents handy.

Packing basic things in the handbag

It is important that all the basic things are carried in the handbag that you will be carrying. This should include travel documents, a set of clothes, some basic toiletries, important medicines and similar things. In case your main luggage gets misplaced by the airlines or if there is a delay in the luggage arrival, then you will not feel lost. You will have things to manage with till the main luggage arrives.

Toiletries that you use

It is a well known fact that different people have different choice of toiletries. Most of the luxurious cruises will provide toiletries like soaps and shampoos, but they might not be the ones you prefer. So carrying your own set of toiletries is highly recommended so that you do not have to compromise on the comfort factor when it comes to toiletries. It is suggested to carry hair dryers as most of the dryers in the cruises do not function well.

Electronic accessories

Make sure that you pack your mobile phone charger as without that your phone might just go dumb. There is no doubt that you will carry your camera for capturing the awesome moments that you spent on the cruise. Take a charger and extended memory card for the same. If carrying other electronic gadgets like iPad, MP3 player, laptops, their related accessories should be carried as well.

Prescriptions, medicines and emergency contact numbers

This is common with all vacation packing lists. Keeping prescriptions and medicines is mandatory so that you can use them as and when necessary. Also keep a list of emergency contact numbers ready so that you can get in touch with the right people at the right time.

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