Australia- a paradise of wine and food lovers

Australian wine index brings you a guide which will take you on an impressive sojourn of Australia’s divine food and wine paradise. Australia is one of the most picturesque, colorful and enliven countries in the world and therefore serves as the most desired tourist’s destination. Apart from being a fabulous natural scenic land, it also houses a vast variety of lip-smacking food and luxurious wines. If you are a complete foodie, Australia welcomes you with open arms. The delicious cuisine of the country acquired its traditional basics from British.

australian wine index
Australian bar

From lavish sea food to esteemed turkey to rich quality wines, you can enjoy it all under a single roof here. This charming place’s food and wine serves among the most assorted range, best-quality, and creative all around the world. You can also explore interesting history of the evolution of this towering variety of food and wine of the country. Australia is quite famous for its divinely fresh ingredients like seafood, local fruits, beef and lamb. One can also taste the world class cheese here. In this Australian wine index, check out some of the popular foods and wines of Australia which makes it a munching and sipping utopia.

Famous foods of Australia


It is immensely famous amid Australians. Vegemite is also considered as the national food of the country. It is basically a brown colored paste, spread over sandwiches and crackers. Sometimes, people also use it as a pastry filling. Vegemite ingredients are quite rich in Vitamin B. It carries a smooth and sticky texture accompanied with a little bitter taste.

Pie Floater

It is actually a yummy meat pie which is plated with luscious red tomato sauce. Pie floater is served in heavy green pea soup. Pie floaters are generally available on the streets at night. Interestingly, The National Trust of Australia has given this astounding Australian food the status of a South Australian Heritage icon in 2003.

Chiko Roll

This famous Australian food was invented by Frank McEnroe. Several mouth-watering ingredients like celery, barley, cabbage, boned mutton, rice, carrot along with spices are accumulated in between a thick roll and finally deep fried. Because of its excess popularity, Australia began importing Chiko rolls to Japan too. Today, they are produced at Bathurst in New South Wales.

Australian Meat Pie

Australian meat pie is extremely popular all around the country. They are served hot and its outlets are found in every nook and corner of Australia. Due to its ultra fame, a Great Aussie Pie contest is being organized and celebrated here to catch the eye balls of numerous pie makers. The one pie maker with the best-quality wins the same. An Australian meat pie ingredient includes minced meat with some thick gravy.


It is ultimately luscious and traditional Australian cube shaped dessert. It is made out of a smooth chocolate icing. Lamington are also plated with sweet strawberry jam and desiccated coconut. They are very famous and easily available in numerous bakeries. This tempting dessert is also known as Queensland’s favorite icon.

Famous wines of Australia


Australia has large number of Shiraz fruit vineyard than any other in the country. Shiraz has been residing in the Australia’s soil since the 19th century. This flavorful grape offers a collection of peppery reds and variety of light and fruity styles to big, bold, well-aging grapes, resulting in a delighting red wine. Blend the same with cab to add an extra soothing touch.


It is present in the country’s soil since 180 years. It is fresh, fruity, aromatic grape which is nowadays grabbing great reputation in the country, suggesting others in the market a healthy competition for the grape juice. The best Australia’s Rieslings are bursting out of Clare Valley and Eden Valley.


This one loves to play with its innovative styles; Australian vintners vitalize the smashing Chardonnays into wine. It comes in impressing varieties that range from different alluring styles accompanied with rich, buttery, thick oaked panache.

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