Beat the Rush: How to Make the Most out of a Los Angeles Adventure

While you may be excited about visiting the Universal Studios at Hollywood or the Griffith Observatory, once you enter the bustling city of Los Angeles you may be startled by the amount of traffic and people in this vibrant city. Visiting a place that has a lot of traffic can really start to cut into the amount of things that you can do in a day. You don’t have to skimp out on adventure time just because you’re in a heavily populated area. Here are some of the ways that you can get the most out of your Los Angeles adventure.

Beat the Rush - Beat the Rush: How to Make the Most out of a Los Angeles Adventure

Plan Accordingly

Develop an itinerary of the things that you want to do each day. This will help you to map out the best routes of travel. Avoid times of the day that are known to have heavier traffic. You may want to plan out your routes so that you’re spending as little time as possible on the road. Take to the streets and walk or rent a bike! It will be much more enjoyable to be seeing the sights while the traffic is the heaviest than being stuck on the road with everyone else. Also remember to pack a jacket—while it is extremely hot in L.A. in the summertime, the wind from the ocean is extremely cold at times. Continue reading “Beat the Rush: How to Make the Most out of a Los Angeles Adventure”

Vacation Rentals vs. Timeshares–What’s the Difference?

Going on vacation can be expensive when you stop to consider the costs of a hotel. This is what makes the idea of renting or owning a vacation place somewhere so desirable. The basic difference is that a vacation rental belongs to an owner who rents it out to guests, and a timeshare is a property with shared ownership that is divided up between the owners. Beyond these, here are some of the major differences that you’ll need to take into account if you’re deciding between a vacation rental or a timeshare.

Vacation Rentals vs Timeshares - Vacation Rentals vs. Timeshares–What’s the Difference?

Association Fees

A timeshare has association fees that are due on a yearly basis. This is what covers the maintenance and staffing of the resort in which your timeshare is located. As costs go up, so too does this amount. In order to remain in good standing with your account, you have to pay these fees on time. If you don’t pay them before the deadline, you risk incurring additional penalties and not being able to use your timeshare until you’ve taken care of them. In contrast, a rental property does not have association fees, but you do not have ownership and may have difficulty communicating with the owner if they don’t live nearby. Continue reading “Vacation Rentals vs. Timeshares–What’s the Difference?”

Best Resorts for Powder Skiing This Winter

While most people start moaning about the approaching winter with its cold temperatures and heavy snow, you are thrilled because the coming winter can only mean one thing: ski season! Time to strap on the boots and hit the mountain. And with this list of the best ski resorts in North America for powder skiing this winter, you’re sure to have the best season ever.

Alta Ski Resort


Located just outside Salt Lake City, UT, Alta Ski Area is easily accessible, and gets an average of 560 inches of snow per year, Alta is a great ski resort for skiers of all ability levels. 25% of the terrain is for beginner, 40% intermediate, and 35% is for expert skiers. While there are runs available for all ability levels, skiers agree Alta is home to some of the most challenging terrain in North America. One of the larger ski resorts, Alta boasts a whopping 2,200 square acres of skiable terrain and a summit of 10,550 feet. Less than a mile away from Alta is Snowbird Ski Resort, another popular resort for powder skiing. These linked resorts all over Utah can make for a whole week of powdery fun. Continue reading “Best Resorts for Powder Skiing This Winter”