UAE 2020 World Expo Dubai – An Expo to Remember

For an individual, half a century may seem like a long time, but as the United Arab Emirates approach its 50th anniversary, it’s hard to believe that it is one of the youngest countries on the earth. 2021 will mark 50 years since its conception and highlight the rapid development that occurred in just five decades. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why the UAE are logistically read to host a World Exposition.

UAE World Expo 2020

Since 1851, World Expos have been seen as a catalyst for global change in all areas, inspiring millions of visitors who can explore exhibitions, attend cultural events and get involved with world shaping discussions. The UAE want to hold an Expo that does this bigger and better than ever before. Continue reading “UAE 2020 World Expo Dubai – An Expo to Remember”

Vineyards in Sussex: a New Kind of Holiday Tour

Wine and the UK used to have a strictly purchaser/enjoyer relationship. We didn’t make wine because the climate wasn’t right. Until some clever person noticed that the climate in certain parts of the country – specifically, Dorset; Kent; and Sussex – was very similar to the climate in temperate wine making regions in the New World. The floodgates, after some initial scepticism from those who heard about the projects, were opened: and now those three counties are synonymous with wine production. Indeed, British vineyards even produce the UK equivalent of champagne.

Amberley House Cottages

In Sussex, the watchword for wine production is “organic”. Quality control has been one of the bugbears of wine production in every country the drink is made in: from France (which famously uncovered serious contraventions of its wine purity laws in recent decades) to the States, issues have arisen from time to time that have underlined the difference between good and bad grapes and methods of production. Continue reading “Vineyards in Sussex: a New Kind of Holiday Tour”