What Makes Australia a Tourist Friendly Destination

For many years, Australia has been a popular tourist destination for people who come from all over the world. This unique and isolated continent has enticed visitors with its warm beaches, rich history, cultural diversity and one-of-a-kind landscapes, causing people to travel long distances for a short visit. The following are just some of the reasons why Australia is such a tourist friendly destination.

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Photo: dicktay2000

Agreeable Weather

The warm Australian weather has always been a hot topic amongst those living in cooler climates, and this, coupled with the great expanses of beaches, is one of the main reasons that so many people visit every year. The average temperature in Australia ranges significantly from “warm” to “extreme” depending on the region and the season, but is always agreeable to those visiting from Europe or North America. The beautiful weather makes learning to surf, lounging on the beach or bushwalking through the rainforest even more pleasant. Continue reading “What Makes Australia a Tourist Friendly Destination”