How to Plan a Trip Out of Canada

Canada is beautiful but sometimes a trip out of the country to experience something new is in order. There are several things to keep in mind as you plan to fly out of Canada. In order to make your vacation go as smoothly as possible, have your ducks in a row first. A passport is required to travel outside of the country, each country has special regulations regarding passports so it is important to view those prior to making any other travel plans.

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Get Passports in Order

Every member of the home must have a passport in order to travel outside of Canada. To obtain a passport you will need a valid birth certificate, proof of residency and photos to be taken by a legitimate passport photography company. An application must be completed and accepted along with the fees for the passport being paid in full. This process should begin no less than six months before a scheduled trip. Continue reading “How to Plan a Trip Out of Canada”

Overnight Boat Trip Tips

Some people are afraid to stay on a boat overnight, but the truth is, overnight boating is a great idea for some who want to take a vacation. It is not necessary to have a huge boat in order to take an overnight trip, you can have a small cuddy boat and be just as comfortable. Keep in mind some tips and tricks on preparing and taking a journey on a boat overnight.

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Make sure you have enough fuel

The first part of the plan for an overnight boating journey that you need to have in place is having enough fuel to get to and from your destination. The worst thing that could happen is running out of fuel in the middle of the ocean. Make sure to calculate the mileage, and carry along enough fuel to refill if necessary. Continue reading “Overnight Boat Trip Tips”

An Exclusive Guide for You While Visiting New York City

The second in the series top places to visit in New York City continues with our choices to eat lunch after spending all your money on Fifth Ave. Sorry I never should have sent you down there. If hot dogs are not your thing but you still want traditional New York eats I’ve got some ideas.

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So let’s head down to Katz Deli on the corner of Houston St and Ludlow St. The first thing you notice is a sign hanging from the ceiling that says “Send Salami to Your Boy in Army”. You could witness this since Second World War has started. As soon as you walk in they hand out a ticket to track your meal. Walk up to the counter and order your sandwich but be sure to hand the deli man an extra dollar tip, and he’ll make you a pastrami or corned beef sandwich big enough for three people. Top it off with a traditional cream soda and they’ll have to roll you home. Continue reading “An Exclusive Guide for You While Visiting New York City”

Four Reasons to Rent a Villa in Ibiza

Are you tired of the traditional package holiday where everyone boards the bus and gets off at the same hotel? Do you want your holiday to be free from pressure and have the time to do exactly as you please every day?

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Then maybe it’s time you considered hiring your own home in the sun for a week or two in the form of a holiday villa. For location, there’s no better place than the beautiful Balearic island of Ibiza to do this. Continue reading “Four Reasons to Rent a Villa in Ibiza”

5 Cool Events taking place at Zoo’s across the U.S. this summer

Zoo events are very famous in United States. People from all over the world come to take the pleasure of these amazing zoo events. You can also enjoy these superb zoo events. Enjoy the fabulous Zoo events which are going to be held this summer:

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San Diego Zoo

  1. Kids Farm Month: – This zoo event is going on from 1st April, 2013 up to 30th April, 2013 and is sponsored by STATE FARM. It includes especial activities and events for kids. Every day of this month is encountered by special animals followed by keeper’s talks and special demonstrations. Above of all, kids can also enjoy a special giveaway from state farm; for instance, fish feeding; meet a farm animal, story time at the farm. Kids are also given special gifts at different counters. This complete year is meant to educate kids about farms and their animals as well as other important things around us. Continue reading “5 Cool Events taking place at Zoo’s across the U.S. this summer”