Autumn and Winter at Hawaii, the Different Feeling of Your Journey

I’m sure that when you think of Hawaii, you will imagine about the white clear sand with a wonderful wave at the beautiful beaches but I’d like to tell you the other sides of this place. For today, I have 3 places to recommend you, let’s find how fabulous they are.

Photo: Martien@Arnhem

First, Volcanoes National Park, the fieriest personality of any other national park, also, it is best known for the Mountain Gorilla. You will meet them closely and some young gorillas may grab you, don’t fling up. Moreover, there are many activities there like touring of the lakes and caves, visiting Rainbow Falls, Climbing of Karisimbi volcano if you like excitement and viewing the landscape of volcanoes is enough for some of you.

As you may know about the World WarII that left the great destruction and ruin at Pearl Harbor, I’ve known one place that’s relate to this important history. I’m talking about the Pacific Aviation Museum and Arizona Memorial. You will see the resting place of the crew members who died because of the Japanese attack and learn about subsequent aviation innovation with these two important places.

aviation museum
Photo: Pacific Aviation Museum

Lastly, when you visit some cities or countries, I believe that you also want to know about their culture and living for sure. You can choose the Polynesian Cultural tour in Oahu, just say Aloha for greeting them. The history and geology of the Windward Oahu coastline and the idyllic beaches and villages are waiting for you to enjoy.

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