Babymoons: One of The Biggest Growing Travel Segments

Believe it or not, hotels or paid accommodation are noticing the growing trend in ‘babymoons’. Yes, women who have just given birth or are just about to are now being catered for by hotels and tour operators. It is not too surprising considering many of them have just spent many months feeling uncomfortable and having trouble getting around. Other hotels are focusing on packages for new mums and mothers-to-be, and include a range of unusual services, to increase their local and out-of-town business.

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  • Mothers-to-be. Pack your maternity swimwear, because there are great prices to be had for women who are about to give birth. Many of the hotels that are offering these services are focusing on spa and beauty services that help a woman to maintain her body with preventative care.
  • More Services. These hotels are even arranging baby listening devices, so you can listen to your child’s heartbeat. Extra services contain extra mini fridge stocks for those late night snacks and in-room beauty services.
  • Care for Fathers. These hotel packages include options for new dads, who are probably under just as much pressure – some would argue more. Services for new fathers focus on emotional support supplemented with exercise and yes, beauty care.
  • Post Natal Travel. The deluxe travel options don’t stop at baby birth. Because of the growing importance of this segment, baby friendly measures are becoming more common in the recent year. Competition for guests has always been tough, and a good hotel will accommodate every segment it can.
  • What Defines a Baby-Friendly Hotel? Here are some of the things to look for: mini fridges for storing all those extras, shops that sell everything that your baby will need to accompany you to the pool or beach, the availability of high chairs and cribs, bump guards on corners, covered electrical outlets, and even bottle cleaning and preparation help. Others will even help take your child off you for a couple of hours if you need a break.
  • Supervision. Baby monitoring devices are also being used by some parents who wish to leave their room, while their baby takes a nap. This is an option for those who do not want to leave their children in the care of strangers. Normally, a waiver will have to be signed if you wish to use one of these devices.
  • City Tours. Perhaps your child is still very young, and you need to get out. Some hotels are even arranging short city tours that are appropriate for the children and the mothers. You can’t always be stuck at home or in a hotel.

Don’t let the fact that you are pregnant or you have just given birth stop you from traveling. offers a wide variety of baby moons for all types of women. Staying in a hotel that accommodates your needs might be a real way to lift your spirits during this time, even if you are not leaving your own city. Everyone deserves a little care or pampering sometimes there is no better time for mums-to-be or those who have just given birth. Why not indulge yourself one last time before you have to take that first exciting, yet stressful family vacation.

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